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Next update coming soon... after a few days, or even today.

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Which map? I normally play this game to find bugs btw

Yeah... you're more clear than me.

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It can be downloaded on

It's on the Download section on the game description.

It only works if the station has a yellow marked area such as those in mission 1. However, in free play, if you choose the last task option which allows you to get passengers at any stations then it will work at any stations for you to pick up passengers.

There might be a new music change in the future. But the developer hasn't decided about it yet.

More missions are coming up on the next update release. :)

It's because those trains want to have fun with you as you drive close to them!

Since there are a few bugs in this game, did anyone else found any other bugs in the game yet?

It's to indicate that your train needs to go past that red train and arrive at the last station before it, or else you will fail the mission.

You need to press C when your train is next to a train station platform.

OH YEAH... I didn't know that we can go backwards! Lol!

Well, if you're saying to derail an AI train without hitting them, it would be really difficult to.

Hit buffers lol

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If you say so...

This is my most longest train crash that has ever existed.

Here's another one:


Don't just try to say that no one can make a bigger crash. They can easily make a bigger one even if you say it's not possible. XD


So, what do you think?

Can anyone beat 12018?

I didn't see anything ahead. If I touch the train at the junction, it could derail me. I didn't want to derail myself or else I would need to restart again during that time.

I'll try to do the mission again.

Unfortunately, I didn't record the game.

I also can press B while the game is loading.

 Going backwards didn't help as well. I went reverse but there was also another train behind.

The train won't move.

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I have an issue with Level 5...