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you clear right side of house first, next you try to move two healer house to the right as well,

browser version is broken on this level cuz virus won't move, only download version work properly

there is a bug on "twogether" level, if chacter  keep moving left, it can be out of bound

can't launch the game on chrome with win10. i don't have any extension installed

thanks, btw is level 15 in "redirect" really solvable?

it would be much appreciated if there is walkthrough for most of your games

bug report:character moving trace disappear around this area, is this intention or bug?

how do i even finish the first level?

demo is oddly satisfying

wahat is the purpose of logs?

just curious if this game has an ending?

will any new thing come out after bird?

game crashes when i let one house enter the exit with virus behind

i think "odd one out" is impossible

i think level 23 is impossible

after i repoen the game from zip, i can't move my character, only space bar(suicde) works

i am on VoxelCardGame public Alpha

game froze after i killed this enemy

this game will hurt your hand

bug repoet: i always fall off the edge when i teleport to that position

bug report: i can't died

enemy floated at air won't come down

dead enemy can still deal damage to me

enemy encounter too frequent, like every 3 seconds, wtf?

second ending seems impossible :(

really wanna see the ending when all coins are collected

someone said there are 9 coins, but i only found 8 :(

bug report

in the north grass zone, character body randomly disappeared when i step in some blocks

how to restart?

game froze after i died

i somehow manage to obtain 5 maps, the first map didn't even record anything

i think this puzzle is unsolvable 

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bug report:

if i restart level or game during dialogue sequence. the dialogue will remain after, and cause the game to freeze

lvl 22 exit has invisible wall

>the platform also moves too fast 

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i suspect level 8 is unwinnable, one of the robots can never be activated

i tried playing new game on two browsers, edge worked fine, but chrome still couldn't display properly

it seems like the game didn't crash, but rather the graphic isn't display properly, only black screen

cpu performance also decreased

>before entering the west entrance

>after entering the west entrance

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bug report

i can duplicate "good drink drink" if i talk to Gothar multiple times after i pick one up during mission to make goblin king key

i am currently stuck at the luvio quest, every time i enter the west entrance the game crashs

due to the design of this game, the best strategy is no defense, kill enemy asap, only buy attack card that can deal more than 5 total damage 

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my playing order is from fleshworm to goat crone to this, and it actually  make more sense tho

help, my anti-virus keep saying it's malware 

the beginning is kinda harsh, but it gets more interesting in late game.

i really like this game