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Glad you enjoyed it. I really wanted to add more during the jam but struggled with some of the logic on one of the paintings. I didn't scope the project correctly enough. I originally aimed to have five levels finished.

Having info about the paintings is a great idea!

Haha, glad you felt that dread as a giant naked pixel man chased you around ;) Thanks for playing!

This game is hilarious. The art is great, the audio is great, but most importantly the gameplay and idea or unique and a riot. I can easily play this game repeatedly. Really great job on this -- would love to see more levels!

From the enemy designs to the HUD and spell casting, this game looked clean. I really liked the various enemies, changing up spell usage, and the creativity required in queen battles. A lot of fun to play!

Cute artwork. This game fits the theme perfectly. I like how accuracy and damage is always up in the air. I like the chest at the end ;)

The design, audio and spriting is really well done. Gameplay is easy and at most requires mashing space button to ramp up intensity. Really cool idea. Definitely going to play thru a few times to get different results!

Unfortunately, I didn't get around to implementing healing in this prototype, but it's definitely on my long list of mechanics to add. At this point though, the game just tests how long you can defeat mobs before you run out of HP.

Like in Pokemon, leveling up doesn't regen your health, but you do gain a little bit of it back (and more stats).