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Really good, loved this, felt good about the path I took! Interesting how the cards played out in different contexts, that was creative.

Fantastic game with a lot of the familiar Ace Attorney-like charm that I love! Not quite done yet but it's been a very enjoyable ride. Everything from the art and animation to the writing has been top notch and really enjoyable. I really adore the character variety and interactions too! I'd totally be happy to pay for a continuation if you all go that route, either way I'll sing praises and share it around.

Super glad I caught this on the front page and checked it out. Great work!!

I'd talk more about specific moments but I wouldn't wanna spoil anything for everyone. Lots of great moments here.

Fantastic work and great site!

Not sure if it's quite what you're looking for, but Kenney posted something a while back to make the models look like they do in Asset Forge:

If not quite right, it might help you get a start on making them look nice.