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Nice Work!

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So? It was fun! Be more confident in your game!!!!!!

Only kidding, but great work dude! Very fun!

Cool game!

Nice work! I like the look and concept of it a lot! Only thing is that movement felt a little slow and unintuitive, but that's a small suggestion for a fun, enjoyable game.

Commenting this to let anyone or the creator know, you need unity's player if you want to play it. Would recommend to the creator to export it in a different fashion.

Dude, this is absolutely fantastic. Classic retro feel, amazing concept, responsive controls, tons of juice. Very, very fun game. Only thing I would say is it has no character/story since its all shapes, but I wouldn't even say that's necessary. Out of most of the submissions so far, I absolutely adore this one. Amazing work, wish you the best of luck!

Hey! Nice Work! I played this on some downtime I had from making my own game and it was quite nice! A bit of feedback though, the jumping became very frustrating because of how slow the movement felt. I would recommend adding more gravity to the player, even though you might have been going for a outer space vibe. Also unbind the arrow keys as I was using those for a bit and those are buggy, when the a/d keys worked fine. Other than that, amazing art and concept!

Amazing work man! Movement felt realistic, clean gameplay, great graphics, punchy sound, and really cool way of completing the level by going sonic speed! Only thing I would add is a bounce off of the enemies when you hit them according to your velocity, but still a very minor change to a great game! Fastest time was 44 seconds.