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Exactly. That's the whole point.

Glad it worked out :3

Also, speaking of mouse, yeah, completely overlooked that. I'll fix it quite soon, when I'll have time to do so.

Anyway, thanks for commenting :3

Well, quite sad to hear that. If that's common issue, then, probably,  I'll pull away the HTML5 version.

Anyway, thanks for feedback :3

Sorry, no, but I have discord here

Thanks :3

Yep, sorry my bad.

Updated zip right now, so should be fixed.

Anyway, thanks :3

Thank you :3

Any feedback is appreciated.

Especially if you got something to say about controls and combat flow :3

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So, I'mah doing stuff, usually like this:

Definitely not a PRO, so searching for some little project to work on.

Not a native english speaker, can do some programming, some pixel-art, some music and sfx. All with some resemblance of quality :p

If anybody is interested, here's my stuff:


To, big thanx for your feedback!

Just fixed dis stuff :3

himmelattack Yep, it is

Yeah, thank you for commenting :3

"Any chance for an OSX build?"

Yep, here it is :3

"got stuck tough on the computer monitor you showed in the screenshot, not knowing what to do next. (I also seen a 2d sprite stuck inside the concrete slab behind the monitor). I think this is a bug"

Yes, looks like it is a bug :3

There must be 2 doors in this room, idk, what happend. Anyway, thanx for comment :3

Okay, seems fine.

Also, thank you for hosting the jam, and good luck with stuff :3

So, the question.
Could the game be made before the jam?
Or I should make it inside exaclty two weeks of the jam?
I made some concept here, but I think that I'll need at least a month or two to make it into the gaem, and I'm going to start making it some time soon.
So, maybe it'll be a good idea for me to drop right here, and stuff?

Yeah, thank you for playing :3

Well not just you, other people have this issue too.

Anyway, glad you had fun playing this game even in this buggy state :3

Yeah, sorry for keys. I test it all for about a week now, on about 4 different PCs, and strangely, not a single glitch with them on my side here :|

Myyyysteeeeryyyyyy :o

P.S.: thanx for comment :3

Is it supposed to be so sensitive? I mean, I'm literally touching A and D keys, but player character moves about half of the level horizontally.

P.S.: Also, liked the music very much :3 Did you made it yourself or there is an author?

Yeah, thanx :3

I used Godot Engine