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Hey thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Unfortunately, the game is on hiatus currently. I might return to it one day, but I'm not able to at the moment. I'm glad you enjoyed the ascii art, that was definitely the most time consuming aspect!

Great update, very helpful!

To move around the map you have to use the format: "Go <direction>." So to go into the house from the front yard you would need to use the command: "Go North." All of the possible directions in a room are listed at the bottom of the room's description.

Also, thank you for sharing this! I'll try to improve some of the player feedback to make that formatting clearer in the next update!

This is a really engaging puzzle premise! I also really the like the way you use the room rotations with the traditional point-and-click mechanics. I would love to play a longer adventure game in this style!

Neat premise! You introduced each new mechanic really well

I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for checking it out!

Thanks for playing!

I greatly appreciate the feedback, that is all really constructive and very helpful! I'll definitely try to incorporate those suggestions in future iterations of the project.

Good stuff! Very uneasy feeling throughout and the ruins/caves setting was great.

That was great!

Very cool how the notes branched into real world concepts.

I really enjoyed that! Very intriguing plot and it really hooked me in right away!

Just played through this and it was great! Great visuals and atmosphere, very fun and well paced

Very cool! Great atmosphere!

This was really fun! Reminded me of Alien Isolation / Dead Space. The thermal scope mechanic added a lot of tension

This was awesome! Definitely dialed up the tension with the turnarounds!

Very intriguing premise. I hope you continue to build on this! There's a lot of potential for a complex branching narrative. Having a limited "word-bank" could make for some interesting and creative puzzles.

That was a really unique, fun RTS. I hope you do more with this concept!

That was great! Really nice point-and-click puzzle design!

That was a fun little Halloween FPS!

This was good! Nailed the aesthetic and eerie atmosphere. 

Well done creepy experience!

Fun! I'm not sure why, but this game reminds of Glover on the N64

Pretty cool little experience! The CRT effects looked good and I empathized for that poor cube lol

Just played it, fun stuff!

Very fun premise! Game looks good as well!