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Awesome! Please let me know how it goes if you do.

This was honestly a coincidence, I had just finished up this game and decided to lay it out with some lovely Rackham art and the next day went to look at what physical game jams were running to see if there's anything I wanted to jump in on for next month, and here was a jam for the game I just finished. Excited to read the other entries in this jam.

Ha, thanks! So glad you enjoyed it.

Interesting minimalist system for telling tragic little horror stories. Seems like it would tell stories of inevitable and ever-more-devastating failure in the face of heroic sacrifice very well.

Simple but sweetly meditative constellation generator; what could be more fun than making up and sending skies to your friends?

This is an incredibly evocative little booklet with entirely diegetic rules for becoming a lunomancer and then five magic spells you can cast depending on the phase of the moon. I just immediately want to play with this; it's a truly delightful approach to magic and wonderfully inspirational.

Oh, I tend to forget them, too. We can all use reminders about stuff like that from time to time. Anyway, I really enjoyed reading the game, so thank you!

A slim little game that efficiently reduces sword and sorcery role-playing to one business card each for the adventurer and for the world (GM-ish player). Each have a few flexible questions they're responsible for asking and answering, a focus on productive collaboration, and a simple opposed 2d6 roll for dealing with difficult situations.

Sweet-natured little game of telling fish stories and catching fish in outer space  with your friends. Includes a little oracle to inspire the stories you tell each other and a very simple mechanic to decide whether you caught a fish or not as you told it. While not mechanically complex, it strikes a delicate tone suitable for fishing trips in the cosmos.

Journaling game of making a monkey's paw-like deal with the devil. Nicely focused little tragedy with an interestingly variable arc packed into one PbtA style move, tho I suspect the randomized starting length could use some tweaking. Probably also needs a content warning (suicide).

Cute little game-poem (in the old-fashioned sense of the phrase that probably no one uses anymore) about trying to convince your fellow tavern-goers to escape the mimic you're all currently inside. Not a lot of guidance or external creative inputs, but if your group are comfortable with improv and steeped in dragon game tropes it should be a good time.

Delightful little game where you transform an ordinary postcard into a message from another universe by painting or marking over it. Would be great fun to play with a pen pal or distant friend.