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This is a great effort for a 1 man team who moved in the middle of the jam. Great dedication to get this done.

You are all insane! This reminded me a lot of Tenya Wanya Teens meets Space Team. 

This is the best pet rock simulator I've ever seen. Very unexpected.

This is a really cool game. Great job.

I was really impressed to see this after a weekend. Keep going, this could be amazing.

Doesn't Mars deserve love too?

The intro video really hooked me.

This Sidereus SAS is pretty darn cool. 

1. Be a astronaut

2. Be a different astronaut

Amazing! This made me want to be an astronaut, or you know a different one.

So it turns out that space elevators are super expensive! I still want one.

Great job guys!

One of the team members for this game also has a kickstarter going right now here:

Great game crew... or um great game skeleton crew. 

I really love the sun with sun glasses!

I heard this game was built by two people and only one of them coded! That is amazing work. Congratulations. 

I'm so glad to see the game got posted. 

Hey, one of your screen shots is a picture of me! Also, great use of the Indie Galactic Space Jam Logos, I just wish there was a picture of the Corey Award on here.

Holy cow, this is totally crazy and great! 

If you are wondering, this game was made by Peter Smith as a solo project. 

This game is the best! Everyone play it forever!