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Fore Score

Multiplayer mini-golf with a twist: Build the hole as you play! 

Alternate each round between placing hazards on the course and putting, trying to score the lowest strokes while messing with your friends!

Supports up to four local players, using either external controllers or keyboard configurations (or both!)

Note: Game is in early Alpha. Currently Windows only! There will be issues. Contact me with any bugs/comments/feature requests!

Thanks so much for playing!!! I'll be sure to let you know when the next version comes out :) Always looking for feedback as well!

GameSnow Day

Pitch/Info: 2-3 player local multiplayer, casual snowball fighting. 

I'd like feedback on: General gameplay. Is it fun? Is it easy to control/absorb relevant information

Notes: Controllers only

Thanks for peeking anyways! I hope to add keyboard controls, at least for 1v1 mode soon. I will ping you when its ready!

Hello! I spent the last two weeks working on 'Snow Day' for My First Game Jam: Winter 2020.

Its a local multiplayer game all about snowball fighting. 2-3 players currently, controllers required.

I plan on fixing up some of the lingering input issues as well as adding new content, but I am super happy with the progress I made over two weeks. See the link for full issues/credit list!

See the game page for full information/issues!

Thanks! Yeah volume config was one of my stretch goals, didn't quite make it :)

Thanks for the feedback!! Definitely agree on the sound issues! It sounded fine in dev, but the WebGL build was all janked.

Glad you enjoyed it!

You can't! Should have made that more clear. 

Glad you enjoyed it! I had a blast making it. Be sure to come back to rate it :)

Love it! Super clever game mechanics. Would love to see this expanded.