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This was a fun and challenging game! I liked the level of polish and small details like the background growing as you get further. Good stuff!

replied here, thanks for the thoughts!

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That's the thing though, it IS a jam about making an fps in 7 days, it's just also a jam about other stuff, like not encouraging crunch, giving people time to do the challenge who wouldn't have the option otherwise, and a dozen other things. That stuff is far more important to me than the perception that me telling you to limit yourself vs you limiting yourself is all that different.

It's a personal challenge, and the nature of the jam has always been this way and that's a big part of why people love it.
You took the challenge. You did it! You should still feel awesome, that is and always was the entire point.

There will always be people skirting around the edges and not participating in the spirit of the jam no matter what words are said on the jam page, and I don't think cutting the rest of the value from the jam for everyone else because of that is worth it, not even a little.

The spirit of the jam is still the same, so I'd recommend participating with that in mind next time so your expectations align better, and you should still feel great about submitting with whatever constraints you chose, because that's still a big deal.

The jam may look different year to year as well keep in mind, but also keeping in mind the whole global pandemic and *gestures wildly*, I'm still very happy with everything here, and every jam I'm blown away by the value people create and the value people get from it. I get a lot of feedback from all angles btw, and I hear them all. So far the number of positive experiences is still worth doing the jam the way it's always been done because that's kinda why people come back.

So thanks for participating, and congrats to you and the other people here that challenged themselves. You're awesome and the jam and it's community appreciates you! I hope to see you challenge yourself again next time.

no a problem at all. Your game page should have comments enabled usually, and there are streamers that might play your game, so there's many ways you might get some feedback already

no worries!

no there are no prizes, winners, or competition. It's a personal challenge. if you compete with friends that's between you and your friends! the jam doesn't work that way :)

you wouldn't be the first. someone once submitted a few years later. It's fine!

if someone wanted to use the jam as a reason to learn to make something that's plenty fine! You don't need to worry about them existing alongside the others.

Submissions will remain open, so feel free to take the number of days you feel fits your goals and submit when done!

submissions don’t close at all technically! you can submit any time so don’t worry!

you can submit a 2d game too don’t worry about it. 

Yea you can use those assets not a problem at all. 

yea that's a web build, it's all good!

yep, no rules and no theme. have fun!

wait till the jam submission window opens. 

Once it does, you add a game to the jam by creating a game page first. There are docs for that here

yep! it’s often a good idea to have a web build if you can as more people can play it. 

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First person isn’t required, you can make anything you want as there’s no rules. When in doubt check out the FAQ :)

There are no prizes. It's a personal challenge with no rules, and no prizes.

see the FAQ :) there's no rules, you can't cheat, so go ahead!

There's no theme! You can see last years trailer here (2021 trailer is in the works).

Just saw this :)

I took a few days to other things but progress continues. This time with pathfinding. For details and to see it in motion click the link below :

#12 - paths and loose ends

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thanks! I've got some more ideas up my sleeve that'll come later too :)

I've been adding some assets to important buildings now, these are also animated (see links below).

I also gave the resources some assets, and did work on expanding the last main mechanics, like food + water + waste generation.

You can read about all the details and see this all in motion right here:

#9 - power buildings

10 - waste + food + water

This looks really neat, great work!

I'm happy that the screenshots won't all look the same going forward! Here's a post on the time of day I just added, you can see it in motion on the dev log here!

#8 - time of day

Thanks @Onolix! Glad you like it.

Next up:

#7 - power network

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About the game

Mossfield Origins is a small cozy city-building-style game where everything is built from the same foundation and upgraded via tech tree.

I've been working on this game recently and have been posting frequent dev logs about how I'm implementing the mechanics, the design decisions I'm making, and how it works in the game engine I'm using.

Here's a now outdated video (each dev log below has videos!) showing the game in motion. edit: apparently the video doesn't scale to fit :c


The game is being made in luxe engine, which is an engine I have been making (the engine is in closed testing, but please feel free to ask questions).


Here's the current list of dev posts here on from the last few days:

#1 - status and tasks
#2 - stock piles
#3 - tasks and stock piles
#4 - building tech trees
#5 - population + more stock
#6 - residency and power

If you have anything you'd be interested in knowing about the game, or the engine, or how I'm building the game etc, let me know and I'll expand on it in a post!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks! me too!

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To submit after the jam date, you need a submission link.

How do I get a submission link?

Discord - post in the #2020-submissions channel asking for one -
Twitter - send us a DM on twitter, we'll send you a link -

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Yep! we’re waiting for a way to automate late submissions but at this time we set the date forward so they remain open. The current jam page is for 2020 submissions. 

Edit: we've fixed the date for now to reduce confusion, see the sticky post in the forums here.

Yes you can create a game any time. The date is just set to the end of 2021 until we can allow submissions past the end date.

For reference, we're working with itch to get a better solution to keeping submissions open.
The tools we had were a date change or manually processing everyone, we chose the former.
It'll be resolved soon, hopefully.

The jam is a personal challenge, and the concept of no rules means you can start early, or submit anything.... how would you imagine it to work any other way?

Sorry you feel disappointed but this is and always was a part of this jam and you still did the personal challenge part. Some people use the timer, many don't. Neither is invalid.

Submissions remain open indefinitely, and the easiest way to do that is set the date into the future. That's how 7dfps works.

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Yes, there is no voting, and no rating. It's how 7dfps works: Submissions remain open indefinitely, and the easiest way to do that is set the date into the future.