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that's correct! no ranking as Sl1ngShot says ✨

there's no winning here but happy to have ya! have fun making something!

welcome! if you haven't yet, you can post in the 7dfps discord server (see sticky post)

welcome! you can also post and chat in the discord server if you haven't

welcome! you might also try the discord to see if people are around to jam

great! have fun if you submit something!


Thanks for posting, you can try the discord as well as people may be hanging out there also

welcome! also try the discord if you haven't

if you participate, have fun!

any is fine! It’s a jam for fun and to challenge yourself, so if you’ve made 100 games or no games it’s perfectly valid to join in and do whatever you feel like. there’s no rules and no theme, just make something ✨

Submissions always stay open indefinitely! you can submit any time basically, so don't worry about rushing it. We'll keep self submissions open until end of year as well like usual for convenience, and then once that kind of submission slow down we move to submission links done via the discord (you post your game, I give you a link to add it to the jam).

So yea not a problem!

Nope! This is a personal challenge jam with no rules, so there's no competition to be had and no prizes!

You can find us on discord to talk about your game, find a team and more.

Join the discord.

here's a link to the late july jam!

I like the dashing and the moving around the clouds!

At the moment the easiest route is to post a link in the 7dfps discord.
If you can't for some reason, post a reply in this thread and we'll figure out the easiest way.

How it works:
- send us a link to your game's page
- we send you a link that adds it to the jam
- that's it!

no, there's no rules, anyone can start and end any time and submit anything, there's no way to judge that :) It's a personal challenge. there's no rankings. Look out for people like Jupiter_Hadley on youtube that cover a lot and or all of the games. The community does it!

see the reply to the main post!

This has always been how the jam works! The deadline is for people who choose to use it.

Submissions remain open indefinitely, you can submit any time regardless, there are no rules and no deadlines. It's a personal challenge! The shared timer is for people to have the option to collaborate, plan in person timing etc. 

So: when the timer expires, it's extended till end of the year, and then once the rate of submissions slows down, it changes to asking for a submission link instead.
Thanks for jamming!

I liked the exploration and lighting! good stuff for a short jam.

very cool! I liked the exploration and the lighting. It says debug in the title bar fwiw, but otherwise worked fine (high end pc though).

fwiw games in 7dfps don't have to be an fps!

In this particular jam it's all fine either way. You can submit any time including past the deadline so I wouldn't stress about it. IF you want people to know the distinction as bacon mentions, it can help to mention which is the one you did in a short time and which is the longer version.

Not a problem to start early, and submissions will remain open so you can submit as late as you want too.

That's great! I'm glad you're learning and making progress.

Some tips:
- aim REALLY small. something complete and small will be validating, satisfying and help you learn!
- doing just one thing is more than enough for this purpose. e.g "do one thing well", even if small, is plenty for this
- try to get the game playable asap and close the loop. this means: a menu -> game -> end -> menu loop, it helps and you learn a lot!
- rest well, shower etc and be healthy, you can submit at any time even after the time window on this page. never crunch for a game jam
- let people try the game as early as you can. you can make and upload builds onto your game page here on itch before submitting. there's the discord server if you'd like to find people to test as well

There's probably more but thanks for joining, let use know how it goes!

Good luck and enjoy!

Good luck and have fun!

You can find us on discord to talk about your game, find a team and more.

Join the discord.

hmm well submissions won't be open until the date (that's just how this website ( works with jams). You can definitely make the game page and all that on itch side (which is what you submit) and then post about it in the forum here + the discord. then when the submissions open throw it in the list!

This game jam is a little bit different than most. We don't have rules or deadlines or a theme, so it's more of a personal challenge. There's nobody to cheat here.

You can think of the dates for 7dfps more as a collective window where people can team up and plan ahead and hang out in person etc rather than a deadline, since you can start early or finish late, we don't mind. we know people have lives, schedules, jobs, exams etc and we just want people to make stuff.

Most jams have the submission window close and you can't really submit anymore, and we've had games submitted over a year late and we don't mind!

So in particular, this jam is quite different but is a good opportunity to gain some skills and make something.

good luck! feel free to share progress in the discord as well if interested, plenty people hanging around there.

sounds good! feel free to share progress here or on the discord!

Hi! for what it's worth, there's no competition here, so there's no "chance" to stand :) just have fun and make something.