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Welcome to the late bitsy jam for July!


This month's theme is "waiting".

As always, the theme can be the core of your game, or just a small reference. The point is to have fun and make something! :) 

About bitsy

It's a little engine for little games, worlds, and stories! If you're new to bitsy and don't know where to start I recommend reading the documentation, playing some bitsy games, or just fiddling with the editor! There's also a forum where you can ask for advice from or swap tips with other people making bitsy games. :)


Please make your game with one of the following: bitsy, mosi, or bipsi (hacks and forks are also fair game!)


Made by me with affinity + photomosh

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You died on a Tuesday. I stayed behind.
Interactive Fiction
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Thoughts about labour, retirement and the workplace
Interactive Fiction
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A non-specific day in the life of a specific witch.
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living in fear
Interactive Fiction
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a quick bitsy about monsters waiting around for heroes
Interactive Fiction
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