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Let's make games about breakfast, using Bitsy! This is the first in what may be a monthly (?) series of Bitsy jams.

Ok, uh, sure, but what is this "Bitsy"???

This month's theme is "Breakfast", and you can interpret it however you want!

  • Make a game about your favorite breakfast food
  • Or about what you had for breakfast this morning!
  • Or about a time you forgot to eat breakfast
  • Or about the best breakfast you ever had
  • Or about the best breakfast you NEVER had
  • Or just reference breakfast somewhere in the game


  • I hate syrup and waffles - does it have to be about breakfast?
    • That's ok! If the theme doesn't inspire you, feel free to ignore it
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a game about going to eat breakfast.
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you pick the place
Interactive Fiction
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a cautionary tale
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what's it like to be a morning person
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