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It's time for the May Bitsy jam!  This is the 38th monthly #bitsyjam - to participate just create a game (of any size) using Bitsy with the theme of "connections".


The theme is "connections"! As always, the theme can be the core of your game, or just a small reference. The point is to have fun and make something! :)

So tell me more about "Bitsy"

Bitsy is a little editor for little worlds or games. You can use it to make a game in your browser just by drawing it! If you're new to Bitsy and don't know where to start I recommend reading Claire Morley's Bitsy tutorial. If you want to see games people have made with Bitsy, there's a big list of the games here on There is also a discord channel with lots of helpful people where you can get inspiration and ask questions!

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klik click klak
Interactive Fiction
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a game about going out to meet your friends at a bar
Visual Novel
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Whatever comes afterwards isn't ours to know.
Interactive Fiction
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i just want to be with you guys again
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he always liked flowers
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