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You say it has Linux support but the zip only contains a Windows. Edit: It did work with wine though

Thank you! I am glad you liked it

I think it happened because the laser hit the blocks while the box was still moving. In general the moving boxes seem a bit buggy, maybe just disable their whole hitbox while moving and destroy all balls currently in that box.

I mean an option for running the game faster. In level 5 it was quite frustrating figuring the last 2 pieces out, because I always had to wait so long for the cube to get there

Amazing idea. The jumping feels a bit odd sometimes and stops when touching a wall. One time only some of the blue blocks broke from the laser, but with some creative thinking I was able to get the gem nonetheless. Apart from that: great graphics, great concept, good audio and great fun

Overall great game. As the others here already said, there should be a bit more explanation. Also I think one should be able to see the states of a block e.g. when hovering over it. Additionally a button for toggling the current and a faster speed would be nice

Here is a short one:

Amazing game! I like the ending :)

The three small key points I noticed while playing are:

  1. Performance on web version (on my laptop) is quite bad and there is no linux version I could use otherwise
  2. One can basically just ignore the “real” part and only look at the mirror(s)
  3. Music is a bit repetitive and there are no sound effects (although I shouldn’t complain cough cough)

Yes the last level is supposed to be easy. I was running out of ideas that late into the night and just thought maybe some players forget the mechanic somehow…

Glad you liked it

Thanks for the feedback!

Both sound and control rebinding were on my to-do list initially, but as I only had 4 days time in total I wasn’t able to implement them.

I left a comment on yours, here is mine:

The idea is pretty good. I could only ever see red and yellow cubes even after activating blue and green pressure plates. At one point a level had a part with only invisible cubes.

The game has great graphics and audio. The idea with goggles isn’t really innovative though and the controls felt a bit clunky. Overall ~4 stars

It’s not much, but I still would appreciate you playing it

I would appreciate anyone playing my game, but it’s quite basic and short and has no audio

Nice game! Sadly it's a bit short, but it has a nice concept, nice gameplay and nice artwork.

Yea I should probably link his playlist...
But at least I made some big changes and am currntly working on new 3D models in voxel art.