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I was looking for UI template too. Didnt manage to find it so I made this one

oh that might work, now its submitted as a draft. tomorrow I'll try the way you said. Thanks!

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does the project uploaded to the jam has to be public? or just like a draft is ok as a valid entry?

Thanks for sharing the video!

Thank you!

Thank you! You can find the full version at bitmap store:

They are both! Some are Sprite and some are background swap

I'm glad you liked it. Vader is my favorite character; I couldn't leave him out 😁.

Thanks for your words, sure I'll work on it in some weeks

It is already on the downloads. do you mean without title?

This game is wonderful. I will play it tonight in bed in the dark.

How strange, the performance should be the same as the Game Boy version. I'll look into what I can do. Thanks for the heads up. Btw are you palying on dmg mode or color?

My friend told me the same about the stand 😁. It just makes sound to indicate. But yes, a visual indication should be made

Thanks! It would be very interesting to make a Dejarik game; I've been a big fan of Battle Chess.

Yep It has many other songs now for every world.

It Will be available on physical edition without kickstarter

Thanks for your feedback! This is the demo. The full version Will be released soon. And It has pause button 😁

So cool! I'm going to press play. Where are my headphones?


Thank you!

Thank you very much! Unfortunately I didn't have time to add the third ship. Maybe in the future 

Yeah the GB light filter is so cool 😁


An easy way to know how many unique tiles are you using is to use a tile count app like this one:


Thank you very much! Im glad you like It. The team worked really hard

Te ha quedado genial! Un arte estupendo, la música y las mecánicas. Nunca diría que ha sido tu primer proyecto de Gameboy . Enhorabuena 👍

Thank you so much for your feedback, I'm so glad you liked it 😁.

Me ha encantado el juego, me lleva totalmente a mi niñez cuando jugaba con la Gameboy clásica. Además tiene muchísimo mérito haberlo realizado con ZGB. Espero ver pronto la versión completa, un abrazo !

¡Muchísimas gracias! me alegro que te haya gustado 😁. En efecto a veces la bola se dirige a un bloque posterior y pasa rozando los bordes del anterior, me ha sido imposible conseguir una mecánica más depurada. Me revisaré lo de la sombra gracias !

Thank you! The game doesnt have pause button. Yeah thats in my to do things list after the jam 😸👍

Grest game! As you say, I feel that inspiration on g&w titles. Very cool colors and art

Thank you very much for your words!

About the music I can't tell you much, it's the work of the music master Beatscribe who always impresses us with his masterpieces 😁.

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Hey hello! I really got inspired  with Cult Jump, there are many trivia games in the past but sadly theres none on english. Also while reading "The Story of Nintendo" by Florent Gorges, in fact some ideas for the questions are from there. I tried your game some time ago and found it very interesting, although I don't remember It had battles. They really are very similar! Yours is great too and the chats are very funny.

Good job you cleared It!

Thank you! I'm putting a lot of love into this game 😸

Thank you my friend!

Thank you! The music comes by Beatscribe music

good to know, thanks!

thank you very much for your feedback! I'm very glad you like it.

About the time to answer I don't know if you played It after the small update after the jam. But It has been doubled.

I plan to make this jam project a full release after de finishing Shera's Music Party since its having a good feedback.

Keep that magazine safe! That would is still looking for It 😅

good luck!