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Don't want to give concrete dates for the Full Release,  worked on too many projects to know how that goes but I'll say our current goal is end of the year. The Demo will be updated throughout the year with content patches and eventually a complete rework to include the finial release's Intro Sequence to give players a good idea of what the game will contain.  Vague I know, but i hope that is satisfactory :]

Oh wow, really cool to see an LP so early on this Demo, glad you enjoyed it!

Hope you do a follow up when we launch the full title ^^

Hey there folks!

Me and the team just posted up our first public demo of Mars Vice, it's my first Lead on an Independent project and I'm really proud of what we've done so far (and really looking forward to showing everyone what we can do down the line) As a near 10 year QA veteran I know all to well how important feedback is, so I'll be asking for it here ^^

Shoot any questions you have, I'll answer them when I can. Really interested in seeing what this community thinks of it. 

Hope you all like it!

Check out our page here --->

And check out some Game art down here ---vvvvv

Hey thanks for the comment and giving the demo a look over!

Yeah there is a whole buncha stuff we are planning down the line and this is really a working sample we wanted to finish as a proof of concept. I'm hoping to add a batch of new intractables, keywords and general fixes over the next few weeks to really flesh it out with concepts from our GameBible I couldn't get in due to winter holidays creeping up.  

Hope you give us another gander down the line when we update ^^