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Isn’t it just the same content of zip file including only the bundled version, not source code? This game jam requires submission to be open source, but if you are really insisting on disallowing other people reusing the code, you can just release it in more restrictive license.

Just a friendly reminder of

Upon submitting your game you will be required to leave a link to your game’s source code as well as the Discord #’s of all team members.

It wouldn’t be nice if you get disqualified for such a small oversight.

Ok, thanks!

So pygame-wasm is allowed?

It seems like jams tab doesn’t include feature for searching jams using names, as it is for searching games. It would be useful for searching game jams, where such game jam is exclusively for some game framework, or if it is a part of “game jam chain”.

RESYNC community · Created a new topic Running on linux

I managed to run this game on Linux using wine. I didn’t see any issue or error or permanence issues. How did I run it with wine? I use “lutris” - a game launcher, you can add custom games to it, and (if specified) can run windows games on Linux using wine with just few clicks.

Nevermind, I got it working on linux: use wine.

I like the game, but sadly I couldn’t play it: it require win32api library, but it impossible to have on linux, so my opinion is based on recordings of other people playing it. I hope it will be possible to run on linux.

The idea is interesting, but art usage could be better. You made it stretch weirdly, but you could use nine-patching for better look. Controls are not very good - you don’t have feeling that you control the player.

I found out: it is just animated sprite, but the animation is that good, that I fought it was procedural generated - still great game.

The game is great, but surprisingly thing that stands out the most are planets in the background. How did you do that?

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I had to edit to be able to play the game.

What to do:

Add this line on the top of the file:

from pathlib import Path

repleace all




and rename file "Hard.png" in Assets folder to "hard.png"

After all of this changes, the code should run.

Solved by upgrading pygame to 2.1.2

Whenever I try to run source code, game crashes with error:

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "/home/gemius/Downloads/Flyre/", line 5, in <module>

    App(LoadingState, IntegerScaleScreen(SIZE)).run()

  File "/home/gemius/Downloads/Flyre/src/engine/", line 57, in run

    self.state = self.state.next_state

  File "/home/gemius/Downloads/Flyre/src/engine/", line 274, in state


  File "/home/gemius/Downloads/Flyre/src/engine/", line 92, in on_resume / self.BG_MUSIC)

pygame.error: Unrecognized audio format

Python: 3.9.4

pygame: 2.0.1

SDL: 2.0.14

Operating system: ubuntu

One Minute Game jam #2 community · Created a new topic Hi



command line:

pip3 install pygame


pip install pygame
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I agree that this game needs more eastereggs and weird movement is side effect of bot implementation. I wanted to make it fair, so I added 'input delay'.   

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Thanks for the feedback. I am aware of that it isn't easy to find the twist. But few tips: there is nothing special in normal game and try to  press random things or keys in the menu or in the tutorial.

While submitting just add that person's discord username.

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Jam starts in 1:6:30:?? 

Third topic created. 

this is the first topic created


wow that was really cool

Wow that was really lame man I broke the chain

Wow that was really long

But "We could use another programmer!"?
Would you explain more clear?

Yea I found


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Hey can I join too,
my discord: [jam is over so I edited it...]

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I am looking for a team.

I am mainly programmer, theoretically  I can make a bit assets, but please don't rely.

Discord: [jam is over so I edited it...]

wow that was really cool

You can use Godot if you like language syntax like in python, keep in mind that in Godot you can write in c# too.

If you really want to make games in python be sure to sure to choose for example pygame.


that was really cool...

thanks I am making a game and I didn't know what tool to use to compile project