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Seriously? Nothing in 44 days? Damn internet, you cold as ice...

Funny little game, but the armswinger locomotion seemed very inconsistent for me. I could pick up the occasional burst of speed, but mostly I was flailing my arms around to no avail.  At one point the grip button on my left controller became completely unresponsive (my controller works fine - I'm on HTC Vive btw).

Also, the game should reset a short time after the judges give their scores. I wandered around that room for about a minute before realized I had to just quit.

Here's a gameplay vid if that's of any interest to you (skip to 08:00):

Look forward to seeing what you do next :)

Oh wow, didn't realize this game was almost a year old, boy am I late to the party!

I really like this game's style. I hope you do more projects like this, or turn this one into a full game.

Here's a gameplay vid I made (first ~5 min)

Fourth ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Also, a gameplay vid (skip to 4:20):

Hurry up and finish this game so I can give you money for it!!!

Congrats on not once triggering my motion sickness btw, it's something I'm prone to in a lot of fast VR titles but not this one

Video: 1st and 3rd person Bo Staff gameplay, new Champion + more

I love watching this game grow. Seems to get more violent every update, which I didn't think was possible. HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS?! And where does it end...? o_o

This game is about as bare-bones as it gets right now.

...AND I FREAKIN' LOVE IT. That nailing system is a stroke of genius. Can't wait to see what the dev adds to this. Made by just one guy too, impressive!

Here's 20 mins of gameplay, in case you want to check out the game but can't afford the hefty price of ABSOLUTELY FREE WHY AM I EVEN POSTING THIS JUST CLICK THE DOWNLOAD BUTTON ABOVE AND TRY IT OUT YOURSELF