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Spreading the word in Polish. What a great game!

Glad you had fun with this short game, please support the creator "nekofuji kaoru"!

Hahaha, yeah 

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hmmm not sure, but it seems to be unable to find the japanese named file, maybe using something like "locale emulator" and starting game as japanese would help!

Both this and "Too impatient" give me strong "at home alone" and "Kio adventure" vibes and I love it! Your games are really good and I hope to see and record more from you!

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In some parts the music in this game gives me strong golden sun vibes and I love it

I love the visuals, the style reminds me a bit of Yume Nikki, though Your game is much more detailed. Im pretty sure this game has potential to be very known in the genre and I cant wait to play and record it.

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This game doesn't have any installer. You need a file extraction software like "winrar" or "bandizip" or "7-zip" to extract all files to folder of your choice, then you start the game with "Full Bokko Youchien.exe" file.

Is this game actually finished? I'd love to record it but im afraid of cliffhanger

Understandable, thank You for the hard work :3

Actually before I begin I have a question. How long is this game if I were to play it blindly? This will help me a lot to choose between offline video and live stream. Cheers!

I got it just now, gonna record it in the near future for sure! Thanks for letting me know!

Are you still struggling with it?

I suppose Polka translation project is dead?

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This is a really great game. I'm so thankful to You for translating it. Im in the middle of recording my gameplay, though my commentary is in Polish language. I also wanted to ask, is "polka" game being translated by You too?

Thank You for the answer! I will gladly spread the word :D

This looks promising, how long will the game be? I would like to know beforehand if its allowed to record/stream the game. Thanks :)

This game was amazing. I really liked the art and music. I also recorded it but in my native language, so I won't bother sharing it here. I'm looking forward to play more of Your games.

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Thanks for playing! I am working on horror game in RPG Maker.

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Her name is unknown to me. She was on Charon website header. I hope they will include her in future game though.

Glad to hear that You enjoyed the game, though I didn't create this.  I am working on my own game projects and I'll be sure to upload them on this account once they are finished.

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I have my hands full with my own game project. Maybe someone else will pick them up?

I will update download page with game in both rar and zip format 

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Are You using winrar for extracting? It has to work. Now You can download either rar or zip file. Try the other one and hope for the best! File itself is not corrupted since it extracts just fine on my machine. (Win 7)


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You can download either zip or rar archive format to extract game files. This works on windows without any problems.

Thanks for recording it~

I'm glad You enjoyed it!