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QT -in- Gameing

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I love this and it's so sad <3  please keep doing what you do ~!

SO Cute, But I can't talk to some of the characters sadly. Though I'm sure it is because this is only a demo. and I can't wait to see more love and development put into this! Keep up the good and cute work!

It's scary to think my last name is baker >->

Lol Yeah..

Ahh so cute love this and the game style



I cried a little trying to use these controls but hey at least I didn't die..? I just smashed buttons @~@

I was trying to do my task when I got booted  I wasn't even in for more than a min. good Idea could use improvement however like sus detection and or not idk time when I do the task. it makes the game more interesting if the suspense is there and if they detect it then and only then should make a difference if I got caught. like if was venting or killed someone in front of them. not doing my task is a weak blow from the game's main point.  Like I said a good idea but could use a lot of work with AI and timing mechanics. just some suggestions

love the game thought one thing why does her voice sound disturbing.  and if this for rett don't you would include this in your game?  when I first played this I wasn't even thinking this was for Rett's.  perhaps take a more literal porch and write game store is driven to show the difficulties of Rett's. from playing your game I was reminded of  Irisu Syndrome which is a good game and not saying yours is bad it's cute. Here is the link to the game's review to give an idea of what I mean that these games are similar:  this is Iris syndrome

good story you got hear I think it could be way more then just this.  Also need a background sound just hearing the "bing, bing" sounds like there talking while being in the void of nothing. like add night time sounds since there is a picture of them laying down. or add house ambiance  or the sound of crickets just something to give it more of a feel to your game. now this is only a Suggestion but the could really kick your game up level or two!  trust me sound makes the game more cool to play and less empty conversations. it make the story feel like the readers really there making the decisions.    

this made me sad because with real life there really isn't a happy end ether you happy with your life or not. either way you die and you can still try to help those in the end but man my tear they be shredded.

Thanks  so much that is so nice of you too say /)(/^w^\)(\
Your welcome~! 

Hey thanks for using my recorded sound  -> In your game Backrooms :3 I'm played your game btw nice job ~!

your vary welcome :33 

Also me to  prove  you my sound here my account with the sound  ->  Thanks so much for ask it means alot :3333

Hey just wanted to thank you for use my my sound in your game. Jack played your game and I found out from watching his vid you used my sound :3333