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I like graphics and overall ambience of the game. Nice snow effect and animation. I think Valhalla needs more action. This game might become a pearl in its category when it develops further.

Funny and well done game. I almost felt like zombie. I still feel hungry :)

I like the flying bird (orb). The forest is claustrophobic and those rabbits are so funny as terrifying :)

Good start for something bigger.

OMG is it written in DOS shell? I am amazed :) You’re incredible. There is something extraordinary in this game... :)

I'm not the fun of puzzle games but this one stopped me for a while. The game has a mood and keep players focused. Graphics and music are fine. Really good work. Worth to expand Seclusion to the limit.

I enjoyed the game. Really good intro. The game needs in my opinion more polishing and further development.  Good work!

At the beginning definitely I felt far away and ... lost :)
I enjoyed the arena. Completed four waves.


Thanks for the footage Z9ZGAMES0!!

I see some problems with the size of the GUI on a such big resolution that must be addressed soon...

A brand new game from Rozen Software - Princess of Magic is out!

We believe Princess of Magic is not a game for younglings only. All from grandchild to grandpa can play this game we think. So, why don't you try it too?

You should be noted that this is an adventure game with some RPG elements. On your path you would find such locations as random labyrinths, villages and fixed locations like a temple also.

Regards and have a fun playing our games! :)

Rozen Software team.