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Thanks For Playing! :)

I like the art style for this game. The ability to freeze moving objects by taking a picture is a creative and unique game mechanic. Nice Job

The art for this game is really nice and the gameplay is fun

Good game sir

I like the soundtrack and dialogue. I wish there was a story and pictures that went along with it. It would be more fun.

I enjoyed the game nice job :)

This was a nice game good job it was funny and entertaining

This is a sweet game nice job :)

Its a simple game but it is pretty fun!

This was an interesting game I enjoyed it :)

This game was fun it has nice pixel art and I like the train theme. Even though it was short I still enjoyed it nice job!

This game was fun I like the pixel art and the gameplay. I also enjoyed collecting the L O O P S

Thanks for playing and your feedback! I’ll probably make an update and/or make another game similar to this where the player can choose to walk/run

Are the pledges one time payments or are they monthly subscriptions?

I like the sound track in this game :)

This is a nice feature you added to the game!

This game is really cool it is like a fusion of all the things I enjoy from Roblox and Minecraft with more versatility. The fact that it is multiplayer too makes it even better. I think this game has the potential to become really popular in the future. I hope it does because I will definitely play it .

Thanks for the follow too :)

Even though it is a simple game it is still entertaining to play. The design is unique too. I don't think I've ever played a game like this. nice job :)

this was a nice game made me lol

Cool Game

I like this game its short and sweet. Nice job!

Thank you for hosting the game jam

Very cool love the twist about the mystery of the owl