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I completely agree. I am working on another version currently with lots of gameplay and goood graphics

if you continue to update the game after the jam. I will definitely play :)

I like the originality. It takes a lot of critical thinking to pull something like this game off properly

graphics are geat, gameplay is great and it is a bit spooky. I love it!!

the map is difficult to navigate. Besides that I enjoyed playing your game a lot. Good job!!

Yes that was the ending. I know it was a bit anti climatic but I only had so little time to make the game. I hope you enjoyed it :)

i like the random map generation. I have been trying to learn that for about a month now. I love the game by the way

the graphics are amazing. And the gameplay time can be considered long enough since we didn't have much time on the jam. Good job.

this game scared me near death!!! I love it. It really fits the spooky theme

If I could see the platform ahead of me, that would be nice. It is a difficult but fun game

I will do my best to change the style of rapid movement animation and background to make something more tolerable. Thank you 

I am so sorry about that. I am currently working on a better and longer version with no vision problems that would completely replace this one.

I like the aesthetics of the game. The gameplay is really fun. I love everything about the game in general. Looks like hard work.

Many people reported the same thing, but I not sure I am allowed to add a bug fix update until the game jam is over. I may fix it or redo the whole thing with bugs and visuals in mind. Thank you for your feedback

I hope real AI is nothing like this 🤣

Since it was part of a jam I didnt really have much time for play testing and bug fixing. But I will definitely get to it after the review process is done because I am not sure if I am allowed updates to the original version yet

thank you

Think I searched the whole map for the first door level but I couldn't find it. Also, when "a' is pressed the sprite for the character looks in the wrong direction. It's an enjoyable experience besides that.

I love the art style but I guess I overhyped myself of how spooky this game was gonna be so that's on me. Overall, it is a great game with a good amount of levels.

It was so engaging. Adding more speed to gameplay over time would have made the game more fun

Good Idea, I will update it with a warning in the beginning

I was so scared when the zombies started chasing me. It's a pretty great game. difficult, but great!

That was what I was aiming for. Thanks :)

I love the art style and attention to detail. The gameplay is extremely fun too. It looks nothing like a game made in two days but something with a lot of hard work poured into it. Good Job

The game is pretty much based on an escaped AI. To hypothetically speaking it wont have occurred if the AI hadn't escaped from the owners.

what exactly were your choices. So I can locate the bug faster