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No problem, Colin. It turns out it wasn't a bug. I was just stuck at one part and then figured it out. I've updated the write-up to reflect the changes!

This game was freakin' terrifying. Worthy of a playthrough for horror fans.

I reviewed your game to let our fans know! Super scary.

The artwork and style is adorable. Did a little write-up about your game. Keep it up!

This is probably one of the most unique concepts I've seen so far. Did a quick little review of your game to let our fans know about it. Good work!

Thanks for the kind words =].

Let me know when you're done with it. I'll be stoked to give it a play through.

The Krusty Krab looks awesome in your recreation of it. Props. I wrote a review about your game to let our fans know! Keep it up.

Thanks. Keep me updated when you update your links and I'll change them on the review! Looking forward to your update!

Super addicting. Airstrike is awesome. Wrote a review about your game for our fans!

Took a while to figure out that I needed to grab the headphones to listen in =.=. Otherwise, it's a pretty difficult (but entertaining) game.

Wrote  a review about your game on Peach's Castle for our fans.

Keep up the good work!

We couldn't stop laughing- especially seeing everything happen in slow-mo with the goofy graphics.

I wrote a review about your game to tell our fans:


Awesome work. Gonna keep this one on the frontlines! 

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The first puzzle was a cinch, but the second one was freakin' difficult. Still got it after some time though =]. Had to get a friend to help out just to figure it out.

Wrote a quick little review to tell our fans about your game.

QR touch was awesome!