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Hmm... how did you do the waves? I really like the feel of the boat's movement, especially with the anchor telling you where you're going. I wish you didn't move when you're trying to do dialogue, it got a little confusing there. Speaking of, the dialogue was good! I hope your grandma is able to play the game, and I know she's going to like it!

This is probably one of the spookiest games I've ever played (what even is Outlast?). There' s some Spanish guy speaking? Trump? Your grandfather eeriely walking around while this menacing... storm is happening? You've done the month of October proud.

Your corgis are adorable! I think its great that you included the fence around the play area, not only does it help solidify the farm (ranch? home?) as one area, it also prevents the corgis from falling to their deaths. I wish the corgis made some sort of sounds to increase their adorability, but even without I get a nice feeling from your game!

I love the inclusion of the Mission Impossible theme and UI on top of the nerf guns. I think it sets up exactly how we all felt playing with them as kids. I wish it was made more obvious when I've shot someone else, like if there were the sound of them saying "ow" or a particle effect. Besides that, I just wonder how you convinced your siblings that you can take them out in one shot but they need five.

I loved your 3D models, especially the grandma and the friends! The whole feeling of the game was nice, and you really made a nice little town that would be cool to chill in.

As a former kid who also got lost in stores, I think you've really channeled the experience into a game, just long lines of the same shelves. The mist even helps to add to this dream-like feel that helps me feel lost. On the other hand, I can't help but feel like you might have benefited from making each part of the store themed (produce, frozen, etc.)? It would make it easier to remember which of the items you've already gotten, but then you might lose that childhood dream-like quality. Either way, I feel like you have something pretty great here!

I really like your aesthetic! It really reminds me of blackouts I experienced as a kid, too. I appreciate the particle effect on the candle, it really helps! I wish you could've made the UI fit your aesthetic better, maybe if the time left was a clock or something? I really liked your 3D models as well, they added a lived-in quality to the room, especially the cup of pens on the desk.

I think I have to agree with the title. I really liked your 3D models, they all felt like they belonged together, and the mushroom man statue at the end was pretty nice. I wish you didn't have to restart at the beginning each time you hit something and instead had health or something, but it just made me more and more wary of those sheep.

I really like the juxtaposition between the dark "game" parts and the bright "real" parts, I think it really helps set up the message about framing and everything in a nice way. The switch between third and first person felt strange at first, but then it made sense when I thought about in terms of framing and viewing photo.

That was an emotional roller coaster that I may need some time to recover from, but I'm so glad you got Pumpkin back!! I think you really succeeded in your narrative, I just wish you could have combined it more with the gameplay? Maybe if the intro text was displayed while you were out putting up posters? Good game, excited to see your next one about cats!

I love how everything sets up this great aesthetic: the great title, the music, the 3D models, the fact that you're literally shorter than the adults' knees. It all just works together to make the game a really interesting and fun experience!

I really like the attention to detail you put in, like the playbills and pictures, which combine with the particular items to make the game really feel like its an autobiographical game that only you could have made, no one else.

I love your concept, and your execution of it is so nice! Your visuals really help the feel of the game, but it took me a while to figure out the controls? Besides that, I really enjoyed it!

I love how adorable your 3D models are! The game already felt pretty nice before they were in, but they add a lot to make it just feel so much better.

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The aesthetic is absolutely amazing, I love how the dancers keep dancing even when they've become super small. Also, I love the music and intro!

I really like your music! Also the colors of room feel really nice to walk around in