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exactly my purpose XD

yep it is:) check out my subreddit for updates!

Thanks for the feedback!

Yea I do get how you felt like you were not playing a new game. Some ambient sounds were ripped off stalker as placeholder until I have time to find replacements. Dr Sidorovich was actually a pun - he's supposed to be stalker's Sidorovich's father if you ask Dr Sidorovich about his story lol. But perhaps one day I'll change his name to someone else.

The village is not really a rookie village, it belongs to a faction who's in war with another, because Dr Sidorovich did something something... but I'm not gonna spoil it lol.

Thank you for spotting the bugs! As for water, later on I'll put some invisible walls around the lakes so you don't really get into them. There are a lot more things I need to fix, it just takes time as I work on this by myself :)

Thank you for the video! Yea after you talk to the legionnaires, you do'nt really have any choice but to do what Sidorovich asked you, kill them all. It probably made you feel bad but that's my purpose haha. After you kill everyone at the barn house, you can do the puzzle for turning on the water sprinkler for the potato field, and then report back to Sidorovich who will give you a bonus.

Thank you so much :)

I wonder if you mind giving me some details about the bugs you found, I really appreciate it:)

Also sidorovich has a locker for you if you ask him about it, so you can save your stuff there

yep that's correct, railway is the endgame for the demo. In the full version, from the south of railway you're supposed to "teleport" to Station-11, which is what I'm working on :)

I think you are carrying too much. If you carry more than 40kg, when you run (not sprint, just run) your stamina (the long needle gauge) will drop. So if you are over-encumbered and stamina is low, you'll have to stand still and wait for a few seconds for stamina to go back up before you can run again. So watch out for your weight :) It's shown at bottom of inventory. later I'll add a warning circle that shows near the bleeding warning when you carry too much weight.

叫sleeping bag,你背包里最大的那个