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about fatigue

A topic by ELED3L created Oct 23, 2017 Views: 232 Replies: 3
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Hi, i tried out the game and i have questions about stamina/fatigue/calories. How it works?

After a while my character started to stop very often, and i felt the game unplayable because of this. It's like stop every 2 sec, and wait too long to walk 2 sec again.

Eating gives calories: Thats the blue bar below your red, hp bar? The more full the blue, the more you can walk without rest? (i see the masuring meter (or how i say this) above it, thats the fatigue, how much you can run without rest i guess?)

At the start of the game i walked so long  without resting.  Around 2nd or 3rd day, ate all food, blue bar is around 60-70% and i can't walk more than 2 sec. Is it normal? I should stack on food like a moving shop or what?



I think you are carrying too much. If you carry more than 40kg, when you run (not sprint, just run) your stamina (the long needle gauge) will drop. So if you are over-encumbered and stamina is low, you'll have to stand still and wait for a few seconds for stamina to go back up before you can run again. So watch out for your weight :) It's shown at bottom of inventory. later I'll add a warning circle that shows near the bleeding warning when you carry too much weight.

Thanks, i will try the game again, and keep my eye on the weight.

I found an smg, shotgun, machate, pistol, and didnt know what should i drop so i kept them, maybe this was too much


Also sidorovich has a locker for you if you ask him about it, so you can save your stuff there