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Thank you for playing, im glad you enjoyed it! We considered renpy but since none of us had any experience with it we had to forgo it for the jame

really cool game! the graphics are beautiful and its really nice that there are in between saves, so you don't have to start anew every time you die 
that being said, it is pretty damn hard to finish, i didn't manage to reach the end, if there is one
great game tho!

yes i'm sorry, there's no way to get through the door, you did everything right!

Thank u so much!!! There's actually nothing behind the big bird, it's a very short game because I made it in one day :D he tells u he will take care of it and all that's left to do is leave

This is so cute and well made!! I love the little details

You could find out in one of the rooms, there's more dialogue to be unlocked with a funky hat :D Check the neighbor! Also thanks!!

Wow dude this turned out amazing, holy cow 
It's a whole ass game, I love the how the color palettes helped the narrative