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Thank you so much! We're working on it!

Thank you <3

Aw, so sweet!

Thank you for making this game. Is there just two endings, or is there more, and I couldn't get those?

Spoilers T_T

This game is very well-made and beautiful. But I'm not entirely sure how to make time to pass/new messages in chats to appear. Do I just wait? Or do I mash the B button? Or do I crank up the crank? Nothing seems to help.

This is a final version of the GameBoy release, yes. But we're hoping to return to this project for a more modern platform (wink wink).

Thanks~ To make a sound during text output, we had to change the C code for the GB Studio game engine a little. :) 

Well, it's not an effect. I downscaled the sprite to 96*128 pixels with 1 bit per pixel, and manually fixed the blunders in Aseprite. I added an outline, and then ZX Spectrum colours (taking attribute clash into account). I had to alter details a lot to make sure that the colours aren't leaking too much. The worst offenders are the girl's blouse and hair, in my case.

Thank you~ We had lots of interesting limitations caused by the game jam rules - 1k words, one character and one background art. We hope we'll get back to this world in the future :) 

I'm happy to chat, buuuut I will finish the game, eventually :p

Thanks for this game. I didn't finish it, but I liked it enough to recommend it to people who love IF :D The writing it great, the puzzles are interesting, and the aesthetics is spot-on

Thank you for your great sprites. I've been using them for my retro PC visual novel prototype ^_^


Thanks ^_^

GB Studio 2 has an option to "eject the game engine". You'll get the C code of the engine. As I didn't want to change JS code of the GB Studio itself, I just used global variables to store the name of the current speaker. Then, in UI_b.c I tweaked UIDrawFrame_b to actually output the name. I didn't come up with anything better than putting speaker name in the tile memory space, so the BG image became limited to 186 tiles instead of 192.
Similarly, I tweaked text output in the engine to do "blep blep" when the text is spoken by characters is printing. 

Thank you!

I agree with others, it's an interesting concept, and it was made with love, I can tell. I wish there was a bit more to the endings. I'd love to see keyboard controls, too... 

I agree it's bittersweet, but I also want to know what has happened before that!

This is a perfect slice of life story. For some reason, it makes me think not only about lemonade, but also about a hand-made apple cake, baked with love. I found only two bunnies... Did I lose the mini-game?

Spooky, but also sad :< 

I wish it was longer T_T

This game starts very slowly, and then it hits you like a ton of bricks. 

This was one hell of a ride, this game gave me goosebumps. The art and the music and the writing are all amazing. I don't think I understood all the references, though (or not all the names are references?)

I laughed soooo hard :D Good job! 

Thank you! I just sent my mum "I love you". :) 

Oh, thank you! GB Studio is pretty great, but, to be honest, if I had more time, I'd probably fork GB studio to simplify scripting...

And yes, there is a reference to AA:I, well-spotted! :)

Aw, thank you! Maybe one day we'll be able to make a longer project based on this jam game :)

Well, it's really short, though! But, I submitted the game :) Thank you

Thankies :)


Thanks ^_^

Thank you so much! Hopefully we'll be able to tell this story properly some time in the future - but not this year, unfortunately, too many projects on our plates already :D 
It warms our hearts to know that you liked this game, we're big fans of your novels!

I have to say, it's much more playable on Gameboy, too!

The 1k word limit is a real drag, isn't it? :D 

A well-crafted story, and anxiety really pours from the game. I'm worried about Hinori now.

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Thank you for the font! I've made a fork of it so it would work as an 8x8 GameBoy font. It wasn't easy, but I hope I managed to keep it mostly as pretty as it is now.