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Thanks for playing!!

Thanks so much, appreciate you commenting <3

Thank you for the kind words!

Thank you so much Kali! 💜

Thanks so much!!

Wow, that was an amazing ride. The tension and suspense you built was fantastic, and the descriptions were so detailed I truly felt immersed in the world. A complete joy to play! 

WHOA. This was amazing! Fantastic eerie atmosphere, a great cast of characters, a mystery, a deadline, and so much content. It felt so alive and responsive, especially with the ticking clock but also with the fact that, you'd drink water three times and then the fourth it would spill on you. Stuff like that made it feel so real. I was only planning to peek at it, then I got sucked in. Super underrated! 

That was so fun! You created a great point-and-click adventure, the puzzles were intuitive yet still required some thought. I loved the characterization, very effective at creating a fun, recognizable dynamic between the two. I also REALLY liked how you built up the tension while solving the last rune puzzle -- why -are- the torches lit? I can see that being a great thing to develop if the game was longer. Loved it. Fantastic work.

I am SO impressed you completed this within the timeframe! Game jam or not, this is just a great short game. The art was gorgeous, the writing was evocative and rich, and it all worked perfectly. I had a lot of fun, and it's inspired me to try something like this for the IF comp.

I am SO impressed you completed this within the timeframe! Game jam or not, this is just a great short game. The art was gorgeous, the writing was evocative and rich, and it all worked perfectly. I had a lot of fun, and it's inspired me to try something like this for the IF comp.

Thank you!! Appreciate that.

Thanks very much!!

Super well-written! I like the fake-out at the beginning with the internal monologue -- more of that would even be good! Very interesting being thrust into such important decisions with so little information. Overall, a really, really good take on this theme. I'm going to have to replay it a few times to get the full picture. 

EXCUSE ME? You've got me crying on a Monday afternoon?? Who gave you the right!

But seriously, this is a deeply beautiful vignette. 

And... I really did tear up.

Exceptional work. 

Warning: mental health/depression/anxiety topics ahead!

Thanks so much! Really appreciate it.

Very beautiful and the puzzle elements were challenging and fun!

This is a really fun game, and actually very well-balanced! I really have to give you kudos for taking the time to really think through gameplay and execute super well on development. I encountered no bugs at all, and had a great time. With polished graphics and some animations, I'd easily buy this. Considering it was made in such a short time, that's saying a lot. Great work!

Wow, this seems like a really intense experience! This might be just me but I'd like to see some more structure for the interrogation part. I don't think I'm a good enough LARPer to create a really good scene otherwise. But very cool concept, you chose a topic that should be explored more in history. Plus I really like the 'Afterward' section, I think it's important to debrief after an experience like that. You must have a lot of experience in this genre!

Amazing, gorgeous graphics, very smooth gameplay, and nice thematic music. So polished!

Wow, thank you so much for your kind comments! I definitely aimed to make sure that the player choices were impactful so it's lovely to hear you enjoyed making those decisions! The rhythm part of the game certainly could've been developed further, we agree. We may give it a polish once the jam is over.

Thanks for giving it a shot even though it's not your preferred genre of game!

That was really fun! Opening credits are gorgeous, narrative concept is great, good well-rounded characters (which is hard when the game is short). I was so happy to prove Markus wrong when I escaped. Also, surprisingly big and decently long game for the short time provided by the game jam. Really impressive job!

Looks fun but I haven't been able to extract/play. Maybe you could try putting a Google Drive link to a zip file instead?

Good to know! Still new to game-making!

Wow, gorgeous game! Really impressive that it is 3D. Love the newspaper segments too. Narrative concept is super solid. Player movement is a bit janky and one other small downside is that there was a sound effect that was a bit grating (I think it was footsteps). But overall, very cool!

This was actually pretty challenging! I think the graphics were perfection. I enjoyed the concept, loved the historical tidbits, and was stressed out by how badly I was doing  (in a fun way). 

I really love the concept! It's a really smart way to gamify codebreaking (which we also tried to do in our game). Gameplay was challenging, and really made sense with the narrative conceit. 

Also the fact that you made it playable in-browser is awesome!

I absolutely loved it. The mechanics layer so well--I love how there's the game of avoiding people moving around a map, mixed with the interaction part where you can use found objects to avoid suspicion. Very well thought out. I would play tons more levels of this. I actually came into the jam with a similar idea-- moving through a building map and trying to pass a message to a certain target by ascertaining who you could and could not trust through clues. But I think this is better (and I'm relieved I tried something else, lol)!

I would love to play more of this, absolutely love the concept!