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yes unfortunately Dalaks and cyborg mothman made quick work of my player characters 🤪. I'm terrible at keeping my players alive

Super cool game. I've played it in three different settings doctor who, super powered teen on the run from government and an a creepy town inspired by dark shadows and Buffy. All played with mythic gm app . It's a wonderful game.

love this game reminds me of Tim Burtons  movie 9

Love that it can be played solo

Any chance of pod

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Very cool. I love small rpgs about bad movies , might help me survive the horde of hallmark movies my sis will unleash upon me in the next week,

Just printed it, its great! Thanks 😀

that's awesome! Thanks 😊 

Looks fun. I do wish there was an ink friendly pdf. I print out my favorite one page rpgs for adventures on the go.

Looks so fun

This looks amazing.

I'll definitely be my next buy

This looks amazing

Nice game to try at Christmas thanks

Cool game

Thanks for the game. Looks fun

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Thanks for the game. It looks neat 😀 

Really cool.

This  looks so cool. Thanks.

I've been looking for a game for  playing  old radio shows for ages. Thanks.

love the idea of this game. Hopefully some more community copies will become available so the poor and board can play it.

Love it thanks

I really appreciate the different card options you give. 

Looks really  cool

looks really cool