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Rose on Mars

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Thanks for catching that! InDesign does it sometimes for no reason I understand, and I forgot to check for it this time. :)

I've updated the file.

Very cool!

I love it! Arranging a set of mechanics spatially like this is really clever. I'll have to remember it in my quest for ever more modular rules.

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I envisioned the sword as a sort of loyalty test, yes. If you have this sword, you definitely know how your subordinates feel about you.

The idea behind the ruby is that people go through a lot of shit if they're convinced they'll be satisfied in the end. And here's a magic stone that can guarantee you'll feel that way!

(EDIT: Although if you wanted to read it as the ruby making other people satisfied, that's still a great plot hook.)

I really like this!

And thanks for reporting the error!

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Darn it. I'm working on a printer-friendly layout right now; I'll make sure that table's right before I post it.

Here's what it's supposed to say:

Priceless Treasures

1 A mirror which shows any person their truest self

2 A sword which knows hate from love

3 A ring which commands the spirits of all with royal blood

4 A ruby which makes anyone satisfied with their lot

5 A mask whose wearer will never be forgotten

6 A coin whose flip distinguishes truth from lies

Sure thing! I hope you enjoy the game!

Okay, I'll contact OPP and see what the easiest way to offer an update is.

Did that get fulfilled by DriveThruRPG coupons, or a download from BackerKit?

(I was sidelined with a broken leg while OPP was fulfilling that stuff, so I don't know how it was done.)

I'm not currently working on a second edition of Cavaliers of Mars. My next second edition is Beautiful Anomalies 2e.

The second edition will go up on DriveThru somewhat later. This is my first itch release, so I want to give it some breathing room before I put it up there.