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This was an experience! I did not expect to feel so moved but by the end I really felt attached to the characters and genuinely teared up.

I loved this a lot and I kinda want to see what else the developers have made :P

(Here's a little video of me playing through the game)

This is a wonderful little window into what looks like it's going to be an amazing game!

I cant wait to see what the full game has in store for us :D

(Here's a little video of my first impressions of the demo ;P)

Yea, I could tell I was 'this' close to getting to the end but I overlooked something that left me stumped hahaha

This demo is super promising, a very meta, funny, point and click game reminiscent of Thimbleweed Park and similar games of old like Sam and Max or Discworld.
I'm curious to see what the full game has in store for us :P

Here's a little video of me trying out the demo

I made a little follow up video, just cause I missed a little bit towards the end of the demo ;P

Hey dude, just thought I'd mention I made that follow up video, level 4 was seriously fun heheh

Thank you! Your game is really good so far! I cant wait to see how your development goes :D

This game is too cute! Fairly similar to Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon but it's such an adorable and cute take on the genre.

I loved the way the game started (the player being the hero of a previous (unseen) game/story was such a neat idea) and, generally speaking, the progression to begin with felt good (The progression will likely change as the game gets more developed, I'm sure ;P)

I'm so excited to see this early demo of the game develop into a full length game :D

I made a little video of my first Impression of the demo, and I'm going to be playing it a little more yet ;P

I really enjoyed this game a lot! The tower defense / RTS style game play is super fun and got really challenging really fast :P

I'd recommend this game to anyone who enjoys a good old strategy game and I really look forward to seeing where the development of this game goes :D

I made a little video of my first impressions of the game (I'm probably going to make another one as well, I gotta see more of what this game has to offer!)