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Hey! I wasn't able to get the game working but I watched the playthrough and basing this on the video. It looks and sounds great! The cloudy atmosphere really seems to communicate effectively how high this eagle is flying. In terms of feedback I'd want to see some more environments, maybe some planes and grasslands or maybe flying over a town could be cool. Great work! 

Hey!! This art is really cool! Great job on the cohesive aesthetic and the animations. In terms of feedback, I could see this being a really chill forest walking sim of sorts where you could go around and see cute low poly animals just hanging out. Nice work!

Hey Santi! I love the art on this! It's super well done and the vibe is really chill! In terms of feedback I'd maybe add a sound effect for when you ask for food really sell the fact that you're a pigeon yelling at someone to give ya'll food! Great job!

Euris!!! This is so cute! The sprites and the animations for the cat and the mouse are so so cute. I especially can't get over how cute the mouse running animation is! In terms of feedback I'd echo what miles said about some of the colliders being inconsistent. I'd also think it'd be interesting for there to be a way to speed up for a short burst with the trade off being that you get the chance to get away from the cat but might run into obstacles with even less time to react to them?

Hey Philip! This is super chill and I love the vibe! The assets look great and it's really fun to play. In terms of feedback I will echo what gen said about maybe increasing the speed of the return of the hook? Maybe the speed is deliberate and it's the consequence of missing the fish? That and maybe increasing the speed just a tad on the movement. Overall Great Job!!  

Hey! This was mesmerizing to play. I too did not get the sprite sponsorship but I enjoyed clicking all the different things and watching how they affected the stats. In terms of feedback I'd say maybe communicating to the player how you would get the sprite sponsorship could help! Great Job! 

Palm Road! My favourite going down a straight road game. The quotes really inspired me and now I need to go "Hang on and Live on". In terms of critique the only thing I want is more quotes, more trees and the like. The concept is so strong and well done you just need to add more. Great Job!

Hey! This is a really cool response to the prompt! I love the subtle jabs at art critique baked into this. In terms of feedback I'd love to see this idea expanded. I wanted more things to critique and judge. That and the UI stands out a little bit. But overall I love this response to the prompt! Great Job!

Hey Luke! This is a super chill game. It seems to be a growing theme with you haha, You could easily have named this game "Just Vibe". The schools of fish moving dynamically is really cool. My feedback would probably be to add more of an exploratory theme to it, which would basically mean just adding a larger space. Great Job!

Hey Nate! This was a super impressive game!!! Not only on the idea but on a technical level too. My only feedback would be echoing what is already said here which is that the enemies take a really long time to kill and I found myself running out of bullets often, breaking the classic doom flow. But other than that this was super cool!!

what the fuck is this creature euris. Your art is awesome, which makes looking at this thing all the more horrifying. Also the crocodile rock thing really surprised me haha. I do believe you achieved what you were going for with this and this art is so well done!! In terms of suggestions I'd say, for me whenever I clicked on one of the buttons all of them reset, which felt a little odd.  maybe having a sims style system where all the requirements work independently of each other? Either way this was a great response to the prompt!

Gabi! I really enjoyed this take on the prompt. The void is such a visually distinct pet that even just on it's own it just works. The animations are really cute and the music, while a tad bit too loud fits really well. In terms of suggestions I'd say maybe adding more things to do with the void would be my direction on this project. As I mentioned before the void itself is a great pet, I'd love to be able to do more with it.

Santi! I love the simplicity of this and the confidence with which you present it. I really like the 2-3 frame animations, I think it adds a lot of personality to goop!! In terms of feedback , I think the main appeal of goop is how stupidly simple it is so the gameplay is perfect, I'd say a UI pass and maybe some sounds would go a long way with this. 

Alekai!! I love the aesthetic of this prototype. I think the style you're evoking here is super strong. It reminds me of collages/magazine cutouts. It's great! I also really enjoy whatever this creature you're cooking for. In terms of suggestions I'd start off by saying the audio levels are kinda loud and also I'd have loved to see the words stick out of the bowl when you add them in instead of just disappearing into the bowl. Overall though super strong!

Philip!!! This was great! I loved it! What I particularly really like about it is the way you showed restraint with how heavy the horror aspect of this is. I was fully expecting shit to hit the fan at any moment but you always pulled it back! In terms of suggestions I'd say maybe adding a few more activities to really form a connection with Max would go a long way. 

Hey Drew!! I really enjoy this!! I think like you nailed the feel of the run up and the jump perfectly. The feeling of watching actual long jump with the tension rising in your stomach as the runner gets closer to the line and the wild array of emotions you feel during the jump is all there here!! While I do really like the aesthetic my main suggestion would probably be adding sounds. I feel like having the crowd cheer and having sounds for running and jumping would add so much more to what you already have which is a solid run up and jump! Overall I got a lot of enjoyment out of a single jump which is a really cool achievement!! also a high score system 

Super relaxing and a real smart way to utilize the one button. This also might just be me with my terrible fine motor skills but I found it really hard haha. Maybe adding an arrow or some other indicator on the player that tells me which direction is next? The cacti are super cute and my main suggestion would probably be to push the artistic theming a little more in the desert river direction with maybe banks, that have grass that then gives way to sand and flowing water down the river. Overall though it was really fun and for me challenging 

Hey Euris! I really like the idea behind this. The monotony of the job is really captured in the game. Gameplay wise, maybe randomizing the number of cups in each round or adjusting the speed of the whole conveyer belt when it's rush hour can make the gameplay more dynamic. The bug where you can lid the same cup multiple times is really fun, I enjoyed being able to earn 300$ in one shift haha. 

Hey Luke! The vibe of this project is really great. The music and the palette work really well together. One thing that would be interesting to see is if you had the drumstick rest on the tom when the button is pressed down and have it go back up when you release the button. I rest the sticks close to the snare after hitting it and only bringing it back up when I go to strike it again. The return to the ready position was the only thing that kinda threw me off but other than that It was spot on and really enjoyable. 

Hey Zach!! This is really cool! I love the idea and the colour palette. I could see this becoming a lot more complex and interesting with some level design. My main suggestion would probably be improving the recording detection for the jump bar. I could never consistently line up my jumps but other than that I really enjoyed this take on a platformer.

Love the fact that this is all 3D. Great Job on the particles effects and the terrain generation! One thing I would add would be an indicator of when you died, something like what the original had with the screen colour would have worked really well here. Overall though great work!! 

Love the aesthetic of this game. While it might not be complete the sprites that are in looks really great and the entire thing has a very cohesive style that works well for the game. The driving also feels like I'm playing it at 10fps which is a nice touch. 

Love the mouse animation. A really smart and charming alternative to animating the real mouse! The game feels almost indistinguishable to the real Deus Ex which is awesome. Also a really great touch is the scoring and having that tie in to the mechanics, great find there. Overall this is a really great clone Miles! Good Job!!

Great job on the clone!! The sprites echoed the originals really well, you could have convinced me you ripped them from the actual game. The death animation was spot on as well!  A few points though, The turning feels more like you're moving from side to side and less like you're turning a bike around, and if you move in either the right or left for a few seconds the density of trees thins out really quickly. Outside of that though this was a great clone!

The visual style of this clone is awesome! Really smart UI solution and bike physics. Love the little screen shake when you blow up an enemy. The shooting felt a little awkward while turning, I think mainly due to the fact that the bullet doesn't come out of the center of the bike. Overall though this is a great clone with your own twist on it!

Yes! we need a Johnny Matrix Mobile Doesn't Want to Kill People But He Will sequel!!!!