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Sumire's Husbando

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Noice, the city environment looks good. Tbh though to make it more optimized for mobile, I think it looks plenty good without the bloom and heavy lighting,  which sometimes makes the graphics card or whatever work harder than it needs, light sources, but not in need of light effects If that makes sense.

New Year's gift, zero dollars? 🗿

Keep up the good work 🗿👍

More 3D Waifus make Android better.

It was this cyberpunk themed one, definitely not bad one bit, I would give it a full jar. 🗿

Ah yes. 🗿

I know this is too much to ask but uh... A free full version would be nice. I'm not complaining or anything but uh... The Android market is lacking in quality realism like this. Ngl, I kind of want to see more like this. 🗿

LMAOOO, I tried another game like this and... For some reason... It's not too bad.

I swear

I try to minimize the other guys D because I hate seeing a guy's ass in the shot... But ok.

Worth it?

It has 3D environments? This is an upgrade. 🗿

Can I turn the D off?

*FBI Has entered the chat*

Can I join?


Damn it.

Poster went hard ngl.

Here it is:

sure, I will post one here and start posting them on videos within the next month, Hopefully itch can create its own form of play store in the near future for Android titles where links can be obtained instantly.

It's not bad at all.

The playthrough of it looks good, are there more games like this?

Pick up the phone,

It's Full Moon Features, they want you to shout them out.

I don't think you know me or how long I play when I have the time to finish a game. I have finished so many titles on here made by devs for PC that are short af and it's not even funny, and it gets worse with the game "jams". Short attention spans what? All I know is, what I ask for is legit.

And there's plenty ways to port PC to mobile, Capcom recently with RE4 on Apple devices kind of just proved it, and if you know your Apple hardware and android... that has some hidden ties and aren't all that different.  Go figure. The answer is in plain sight, they can.

Da, Harasho Comrade, an American, not an incel, just speaks facts.


So.... people really let loose to goblin cocks and asses?

Alright Then.

Now is the time to reveal myself to the jedi. 🗿

New features look tunasub.

Tentacle Locker? 🗿

That's all that had to be said. Definitely no waifus here though, ngl, this one's fugly.

Someone recommended this....

Boys Boys and more Boys style fantasy, and I am here to conquer it with all the homo 🗿

Still Waiting

It is time 🗿 here I go downloading again

Noice 👍👍👍👍

Its about that time, email notifications coming in smoothly

Time to do some research

The title seems like it could be a very underhanded reference to classic Japanese games absurd titles, also, Capcom called and said they don't want you to destroy RE, plz

(1 edit)

LMAOOOO, this is top tier survival horror 💀

Viewpoint and camera though gives nightmare creatures vibes. Monsters spawning is similar to Alone in the Dark.

Noice, if you make it happen, or if it becomes regular, rest assured you have a regular player on deck 🗿👍

Will there be an android version?

ah. Btw been trying it, ngl. Not bad. The fact that most of it has no D in the frame, A+.

10/10 would nut again on IGN.

What is sandbox? Is it fully custom?

LMAOOO seeing D is already cuckold. 🗿