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Thank you. It is written in TypeScript and is converted to JavaScript using rollup. But doesn't use an extrernal library in runtime, just the plain web API's.

Thank you for playing! Yes, I would have loved to show more how it is put together as a cube. But there are some limitations  in what you can achieve in 48h when using the web. And within 5 minutes is a great time!

It should be possible. The algorithm I build ensure there is always one option possible as the next move. But I'll double check it perhaps I made a mistake. Thank you for playing!

Thank you, awesome the hear. Except the part about getting stuck of course. I am aware of some dead ends, which I have solved unfortunately this was past the jam deadline. You getting close with your database searches. Perhaps try puzzling together someone else's full name, as you probably don't have enough information for that of Ms Green.

Oké, then your head was in the right direction. You would have needed to use the full name of the characters. At first you tend to only get a first or last name with a full name only later on, or combine two names you picked up separately.

Oké, thanks for the quick reply.  I found the issue turns out the fallback options isn't working as I intended it to.

Yes as I mentioned in the description, at the end I had little time left to write a full story so instead focused on having a setup for a story. Could you let me know what phrases you used when searching in the database? I would be helpful to know what players are thinking at those points.

Do you happen to remember where this was in the story? I would love to see where I screwed up.

Yea, as I mentioned in the post as well  I might have reinvented the wheel there. And Noir is more of story theme than something with certain mechanicals.

Thank you! And feel free to mute it using the speaker icon in the top right corner.