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Ronan Smith - Design & Development

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Thank you for your reply, I realized that it was a GameMaker project after seeing the logo in one of your screenshots. I too am developing an application (which I am soon to release here on Itch) that started off as a tiny application to help myself yet turned into a fully-fledged application, a code snippet manager to help with any programming tasks be that web, app, or game development. My code is a slight mess too, slowly going through and refactoring. Good work and good luck with future projects!

Got a couple of questions out of curiosity; firstly, how was the developed, am I correct in assuming some sort of WPF or WinForms application or did you use a game engine to create software? and secondly, why is the save location fixed, surely this should be a core aspect? Thanks! 

Just wondering, this uses the users CPU to mine while they play the game. Won't this have any effect on the performance of the game? Even if this uses a set maximum of CPU potential, taking into account a large player range on lower end machines this could be an issue?