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Thank you for your support, I didn't know that people are actually using it, I am actually re-designing this application in order to make it a more intuitive and streamlined experience. Writing each snippet to an XML allows the end-user to see exactly what is happening and there's really no difference between one large snippet file and multiple small files, in my opinion. during the next redesign I will take your feedback into account. Thank you again for your support, much appreciated!

Shnippetz is a code snippet manager for Windows devices, it is designed to be intuitive, light, and portable.

This application allows you to easily store reusable code segments for later use for any code related development task, snippets are organised on a user defined group structure.

More About Shnippetz and Me:

I am a hobbyist game, software, and website developer, I originally designed Shnippetz when I was first learning to code my own games in order to not have to keep referring back to the documentation for code fragments that I used a lot. Since then, Shnippetz has progressed through multiple versions and is somewhat feature-rich. I have now decided to make my application public, in the hopes that fellow developers like you may find some use in it.

It could prove useful for both users new and veterans at programming, Shnippetz is designed to be USB portable so that means no installation and you can take your snippets to any workstation or school/college computer you use.

It has been a great learning experience to develop Shnippetz, I originally coded it in VB.NET through WinForms, and eventually turned to C# via the WPF framework. 

The Future of Shnippetz:

While Shnippetz is technically a finished project, I will still continue to follow user feedback to improve the application periodically.

Try Shnippetz:

Thank you, your support is much appreciated! Get Shnippetz via the link below:

Shnippetz Store Page