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And that worked! Thanks a ton. Hopefully the bug can get hammered out, but this worked for me so I can start playing.

It's running in windowed mode by default. When it first launched it seemed to go to  My settings are showing as 1280 x  800, windowed. There's no way to change it, since while I can pick other options, the confirm button isn't working.

The globalgameState doesn't have either of those options. As follows:
> {"$id":"1","_systemStates":[],"_lastSaved":"2020-02-17T05:47:48.9728264Z","_gameTime":{"$id":"2"},"_textBanks":[],"_userIdentifier":"cc02246a-4002-4e9b-bb39-875f03163c50"}

Here's what shows up on my main monitor when it launches (the splash screen for the company, I should note, displays just fine): 

Hey there! The game looks super cute and I'd love to play it, but unfortunately that isn't an option for me right now. I'm running on Windows 10 and I have a three monitor setup, with my primary monitor being vertical. When I launch the game, it launches in windowed 1080x1920 (not the standard 1920x1080). There's no way to resize the window, there's a huge black space at the top and everything is stretched out, and while I can access the setting menu, the confirm button is clickable but does nothing.

Any advice so I could play would be great!