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Yeah this one is pretty good!

Romantic Shooter is a casual shoot em up where your goal is to destroy the girl clothes!

Play with 6 unlockable weapons and get more than 60 upgrades!

Cheat codes are available of course!

Come => HERE <= to get more informations!

The game is coming on Steam soon!

Hello, thanks for the feedback.
We will remove the MacOs version until it is fixed.


We're happy you had fun playing it. Please tell us if you have any suggestion to make it better.

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

We will implement for sure the movement via mouse soon!

You're right about the enemies bullets, that's what we're working on right now. They blend too much with our own bullets and even the background sometimes.

Hello there!

Romantic Shooter is a hentai shoot em up where you can destroy the girl clothes! Nothing less!

Version 0.2.0 is out there!
=> New Level: Linda!
=> Improved Graphics!
=> New music!

Check out our free demo =>HERE<= !
Updates will be coming weekly!

Take a look at Linda below!

Hello! Thanks for playing!
We did not know about Deep Space Waifu and looking at what it is, sure it is our intention to make a game like this!
Our very first inspiration came from Sentimental Shooting (it's an abandonware now).

That said, our game is still in very early stages of development and of course it will get better over time.

=> Download now <=

If you are a fan of hentai and shmup, you are at the right place!

Romantic Shooter is a Shoot Em Up where you won't just have to destroy the enemy ships.

Indeed your worst enemy in this game are the clothes of your lady!

Stay alive by fighting your way through the rain of enemy bullets while aiming to hit the targets on the clothes!

Whether you survive or die, you will be able to admire your work!

=> Download now <=


As long as this product is bought and linked to your account, you can have the game for $1! (All future updates until version 1.0 will be free for you).

=> Download now <=