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Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it :)

Awesome. Multiplayer would be fun. I'm surprised people still play and talk about this game! I actually started working on a sequel two years ago, first thing I made was a level editor. Didn't get much further than that though... 

Adding new stuff to this game is hard because it was made in basically one day. The code is uhh... interesting.

Still, maybe I'll update it someday, or revive the sequel. 😊

The tanks are made up of a bunch of sprites stacked on top of each other. They're rotated programmatically, so only one direction had to be drawn. :)



Hey thanks! The tanks use the stacked sprite method for fake 3d.

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The "bad" control scheme is a major mechanic of this game. You're supposed to be deliberate with your actions and plan ahead instead of rushing into battle. The limited controls, ammo, and health, reinforce this concept. Enemies are stupid and you can outsmart them easily, this was by design. Each level can be "solved" by using the mind instead of relying solely on reflexes. I was hoping that the mechanics of the game would condition players to realize this, but I guess I failed considering the complaints about controls.