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Rolling Glory Jam

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Hey sorry for the delay, we've added Steam key as part of the purchase

Thank you! We are using Unity with Yarn Spinner.

Hi there!

Thank you so much for the kind words.

Sadly, we don't really have any budget to do any additional language at this point.

Thanks! :)

Tthanks for playing! you can play the released (full) version on Steam or Nintendo Switch

sorry for late reply, Rage In Peace launch 8 November 2018 in Steam and Nintendo Switch eShop. :)

hi thanks! we enjoy the video, thanks for the feedback in the end of the video :D

and it seems you experienced bug after boss, we will fixed it soon.

hi! of course! please do, thank youu :)

hey! thanks for the video, looks like you had fun there. :D

We've just uploaded the demo version containing 2 full stages. Try it out!

Hi, thank you, will work harder for the better. And thanks for putting the gameplay on youtube, it's fun to watch it. And for the next part ... we just uploaded the new build with Stage 2 added, please try and let us know what you think. :)

Hi, nice play! Haha, thanks for putting the gameplay on youtube. We just uploaded the new build with Stage 2 added. :)