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AUGHHHHHHHHH i cannot thank u enough for giving me a ship ai story to go insane about. ship ais my absolute fucking beloved. this was beautifully crafted and i hope everything in your life goes right for you forever

this was... gorgeous and frightening and dark and engrossing and clever and... comforting. i can't really put into words how deeply i felt this experience. i can only say thank you.

this was really fun!!! i love this new phenomenon of horror personality quizzes and i think this is a great one. i kinda blushed when it said i had beautiful eyes tbh i think my self-preservation instincts are not so good

i guess i have a husband now


the dog one almost made me cry. Sammy, if you're a ghost dog now and you've somehow learned how to read, i love you and i miss you. you're a good girl.

i trust him. i can foresee no negative consequences from this decision 

never thought i would feel so genuinely touched and uplifted by a drawing of someone's ass. seriously tho as a fat trans guy seeing positive depictions of fat queer male bodies is healing

i... i dont know what i expected.........

this game fucks. i was completely absorbed in the story the whole time... about to jump right into the sequel

1) this was the fucking coolest shit ever oh my god. it may be my favorite ever weird twine game and dude ive played soooo many weird twine games and i like all of them so much. i dont have anything smart to say about it but im sure ill be replaying it so maybe i'll have some cool sexy unexpected take the next time around

2) i literally cannot conceive of a creature less fuckable than cop sonic

rly enjoying this so far!!!

colonize my mind mushroom daddy

all joking aside this game was deeply unsettling and i really enjoyed it!!!

everyones asking me how i seduced the cultist bc of my old comment but i played it so long ago that i dont remember how i did it and i'm trying to get back to it and i cant plz come back creepy cult man why have u abandoned me

please try harder

this is so so fucking good

this is amazing!! can't wait to play the other two branches at some point

this was so so cool!!!!!! i love taking personality quizzes, but i love taking fake, psychological horror-themed personality quizzes even more. it's such an underrated genre, and you definitely did it justice. definitely reminds me of those bullshit degrading surveys you have to take when you get a new psychiatrist

haha, honestly it's not that similar (it's a horror romance in an office setting. the romance doesn't really kick in until the last season though) but since you make creepy stuff you might enjoy it! it's an audio drama.

just like in the magnus archives

Clifqon??? nah man im just gonna apply to be a demon instead. peace out

Fetinzu! it has a pretty nice ring to it.... makes me wanna go out and sow some chaos

god this was so fucking cool. tooth themes in horror are my favorite

this was great!! it might have been cool if the affinity calculation portion had a few more questions, but regardless this is a super cool concept and you executed it really well. did you take any inspiration from the podcast The Magnus Archives?

i think i left a comment simping over foster a few months ago??? but i just replayed it and i have no idea how i didnt see that boris is the love of my life. i mean i have developed a hyperfixation on spiders in that time...... in any case, sorry foster, maybe you can kidnap me and steal my skin some other time. i need a hug from this large man-spider immediately

the heart wants what it wants dont kinkshame

rex my beloved <33 what does it say about me that that date would absolutely win me over? nothing good!

THIS WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! like holy shit dude im so glad i clicked on your account. the mental illness stuff really rings true for me as a uh. not particularly well person. but also the storytelling is just fantastic, you had me hooked from the beginning and the twist/teaser was really gratifying. if you never touch this project again ill still be satisfied and glad i read it, but if you end up continuing it i will be here to play through it all Immediately. just keep making stuff, yknow?

this was amazing!!! i love the way you use twine as a vehicle for your storytelling. the whole thing just kind of flows, yknow? utterly horrifying, 10/10

im transmasc so for me the body horror started at "you put in a tampon". amazing writing, you've captured how i feel about having a period really well

This was wonderful!!!! I've been completely drawn in to the story. The characters are so lifelike and easy to care about, and the world is so rich.... I can't wait to read more. Amazing work!

(i already adore elya so much........ hhhh no thoughts only ethereal blonde man)

love how you gave me every chance not to try and fuck the Hunter and i did it anyway! dumb gay bitch gang

i think i just accidentally seduced a cultist but honestly im not mad about it

ive lost my life but ive gained a cute ghost boyfriend. i see this as an absolute win

musk hasn't invented shit. tesla would drop kick his ass into another dimension

cry abt it

i literally just wouldn't though? like im reluctant to use "im just built different" as a legitimate argument but thats honestly all i need to make your entire point fall apart. id do the right thing because i have free will and money isnt black magic that makes you a bad person, it's a social construct that bad people abuse.

this is really raw and as a queer writer w mental illness, really familiar and validating. also im literally begging you to make a queer sex horror game im fucking begging you ok ill defend it to my dying breath please make a queer sex horror game pl

this is a deeply fascinating game. unfortunately i have broken the universe

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this is such a cool game!! im tempted to draw fanart of the player character with her floofy hair..... how many endings are there? i got the good ending, i think :) (edit sdjskdksd i just realized you put the number of endings in the description sorry)