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Thank you so much for playing our game! Your feedback is invaluable to us ✨

Thank you for your thoughtful feedback! We appreciate your positive response to the concept. We're glad you noticed the pickup capsules – yes, those will indeed replenish your Nitro. Your insights about map size and multiplayer interaction are valuable, and we're considering adjustments to foster more engaging player interactions. We're so glad you enjoyed the arcade-like feel and the control with Nitro. As for the upside-down situation after ramping, we're on it! Your input is truly valuable as we work to enhance the gameplay experience!

Thanks Eric! Your VFX insights are spot-on – looks like you know your stuff. I don't suppose you happen to know a VFX artist who could sprinkle some extra awesomeness on this cake? XD

Thanks for your feedback! We're thrilled you find the driving enjoyable and the concept intriguing. Also, your suggestion about level design is on point – starting with easier challenges on a smaller map to introduce concepts gradually sounds like a great way to enhance the player experience. Your insights are really invaluable as we work to refine and improve the game. Thanks again, and good luck to you too!

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Hey there, big thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! We're genuinely thrilled that you're digging the concept and understand your perspective on the driving and steering experience. Your point about the steering needing some fine-tuning is right on the money! It's super cool that despite that, you had a blast drifting around. Your feedback is like gold to us as we continue to polish things up. Just wanted to let you know that your support truly means the world – thanks once again!

This is absolutely fantastic Robert XD!

Thanks for the heads up!  Should be public now.

I laughed so hard guys !!! This is amazing XD. Also small world! I only saw your names after I played the game !

We're very happy to see that people are still enjoying this !   :)

Get DIEGO, the new game from GEARPUNK GAMES for FREE right NOW!

Thanks for playing! Stay tuned for our next project.

Your feedback is really helpful, and we'll definitely remember it for our next project! Thank you for playing Diego.

Thank you so much for playing. It really means a LOT!

Diego is a cathartic third person puzzle adventure game made by two South African game developers; check it out. It's free!

Thanks for your feedback ! Those are really good ideas that we will definitely take into consideration for the next iteration. 


Play DUST for free now!

This is Awesome, thank you for making this Video ! Keep a  lookout for a Secret Area :D

We will definitely continue to improve on our skills in order to make more awesome games for you guys! 

Thank you for playing DUST. 

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Thank you so much for playing, We really appreciate it!

Really Good Game  I'd love to play a more polished version of this on mobile, it is legitimately dope!

New Retro is a nostalgic 1980's inspired 2D platformer  prototype about a Glitch in cyberspace being guided by an ever present entity.

This game was created by two South African novice game designers, and was created within the space of one month.

Download New Retro

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