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Hey imonk, I think your a really talented artist. My name is Rodney and I am looking for an artist to team up with to make games, You can checkout my first game here on Hit me up if you interested, making art is really hard and definitely not my strong suit. Appreciate your time :-)

- Rodney

Thank you! I’m really glad you enjoy the game!! Consider leaving a review here on or on steam, it goes a long way for a solo indie dev like me :-)

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Hey! Sadly I am not the creator of Tiny Tanks from Roblox but I've checked out that game and It's total awesome! Definitely captures the vibe well :-)

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Thank you! :-) 

I was actually rereading some comments the other day and I had the same idea. Why not have an unlocked reticle as an option for the campaign. It makes perfect sense. I agree with you 100%

Hi again, I looked into the issue as best as I could. Although I do not have a mac to test the game on. I did try giving it a fresh re-build though. It's live if you wana try and give it another download. I'll continue to do research as why it may have not worked for you. 

I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help. As I cannot confirm the problem is fixed. 

Working on this fix now, I'll replay to this comment once I've got some results. Thank you for letting me know!

I'm still debating on how to approach the Gamepad vs KBM problem. The game may have online player vs player content. If I had the reticle follow the mouse exactly that may give KBM players an advantage against the Gamepad players. But that's a small thing, idk what I'll do yet. 

Hi! Thank you for the feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game. In the final game there is going to be a "Modifier" that allows you to play the game in "Class Mode", no jumping, 1 health, things are slowed down a bit. Sounds like it'd be right up your alley. 

The menus are being worked on, I know they're kinda tough to handle right now. 

I’ve slowly but surely learning my way around special effects design. Definitely on my todo list to revamp the explosion. Glad you liked the game! 

I am actively working on a better solution for Key board and mouse. The new system should be in the game very soon. I know it's a bit brutal right now. The game is much easier to play on gamepad

Looking into the issue now. Thank you for letting me know!

That is a mistake, the demo is and will be 100% free always. I will fix this. 

Hit the nail on the head

With cool physics 😎

Try downloading the latest version and trying again. Should work this time. Thank you for letting me know!

Try downloading the latest version and trying again. Should work this time. Thank you for letting me know!

Looking into this now, Will get back to you once it's solved. 

Looking into this now, Will get back to you once it's solved.

it is heavily inspired by that game - I hope you enjoyed it!

oh crap, yes one is redundant. Keep the “Toy_Tanks_Data” and remove “Toy Tanks_Data” I will make the fix on my end to Prevent any future downloads from dealing with this. 

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. 

Thank you for the feedback, Duly noted!

Very glad you enjoyed the game, Thank you for playing!

The full game is coming to steam in the next few months, give it a Wishlist, that's more then enough!

Thank you! Took me a while to get everything right. I’m happy I could convey the game’s vibe with just the page itself. 

I recently updated the windows version. I couldn’t replicate the bug myself when I tried. It may be a good idea to just download the newest version and try again. If it still doesn’t work, message me back with more details on what exactly you did to make the bug occur. I will do my very best to fix this for you. 

Thank you for letting me know I will look into this now. What platform are you on?

Glad to hear your enjoying it! 

Hi the minimum window size is 1280x720, what's the resolution of your monitor? You should be able to press the "ESC" key on the splashscreen to get to the options menu to change the resolution. 

Heavily inspired by that awesome game! But the physics really change the formula!

Thank you, Consider joining the discord if you'd like to keep up with development.

Hi! I don't know what you mean by this, Maybe email me and I can help:

Never say never! I've been practicing for over 5 years now, Keep at it and you will get there!!

Physics = Fun! Haha, thank you for playing.

Love the support!!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Haha, Thanks again Bendy. Your support does not go unnoticed! 

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Hey Everyone, My Name is Rodney Luck and I've been working on Toy Tanks for the past few years now. The game features Physics Based Gameplay and a diverse Tank-Class system.

Game Page:

About The Game

Toy Tanks is a 3-Dimensional, Physics based, Tank game. Featuring an unique blend of Platforming and Twin-Stick shooting. The game offers both a Cooperative Campaign and a Competitive Verses Mode(Coming Soon). Your goal is to destroy the enemy Tanks, With each type of Tank using a different approach to take you on. You'll have to learn how they fight in order to win. And if enemy Tanks wasn't enough, Some levels also feature various Hazards along with other surprises. As you play your tank will gain experience and level up, this will unlock more content for you later down the line!

I hope you enjoy the game, The full version will include an additional 10 levels(30 in total) along with more unlockable Tanks, Levels, and Gamemodes. Currently, local multiplayer(up to 4 players) is supported, And we hope to add online multiplayer soon for the final release. 

Please email me directly at: for any questions or concerns regarding the project, Thank you!

Why Post Now?

Although the game has technically been out on itch for a while now, I have just recently pushed a few major updates that really change the entire experience. On top of that, I have spent quiet a bit of time reformatting my game's itch page. I took a bit of an unconventional approach formatting it all, so if you have any advice or feedback I'd be happy to hear it. Thank you for taking the time.

- Rodney 

Hey everyone! I’m a solo developer working on a Wii tanks-like remake/remix. If you don’t remember that classic, toy tanks is primarily a physics based game. What that means is everything revolves around the physics system. When you move, shoot, get shot, or jump all of these actions can tie into one another to create interesting movement options. For instance, each tank has a different projectile, some have more knock back then others, and a player who know how to take advantage of their shots knock back can move around the map much more effectively then players who don’t. Another thing to consider is the tanks, each tank has over 15 stats that make them completely unique to play and fight against. Everything from jump height, to lateral drag, to projectile size, to acceleration, to max speed... so on and so forth. Each tank also has a special ability, this could be anything from dropping a mine that explodes when an enemy gets within range, to a jet pack that allows for movement in the air. Now what do I mean by competitive, well for one there is no randomness in this game, unless you want there to be... but by default, no randomness. Another thing that plays into the competitiveness of this game is the amount of control the player has over their tank. It’s a lot, you can change the pitch of your tank in the air. And you also have the option to choose a tank that has a very heigh rotation speed to allow for very “sticky” movement. 

Here’s the link for anyone who wants to give it a download: