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Rodrigo Antunes

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Wow! Nice work!!!
I would like to see this project on future ;)

Thanks for participating!

Nice minigames!!!
Next time put more animatons on your game its good to see in a gambling games, i think using GameMaker you can use GIFS ;)

Thanks for your game and i love the racing!! haahah

I need to know, how you created this? What you use? haha
I like it, its simple and usual :D

I love the Monkey racing!

Good games and the idea were good, its like a Gambling box "full of games". 
The first one with 2 cards start a little bit confunse and whats happen when i win, i dont receive any money =/

Good job! 

Tell us, whats going on? :D

lets do it!

The theme is JUNGLE!

Hello! Lets do it!!!
The game jam starts in a few days and if you can share about it!

We will have a specific theme to create our gambling based on this theme, using the old or new mechanics, the important thing is to have that "you will get addicted"!

Thankssss o/
I'm thinking now if i create a version to android and IOS, but i will update this one soon :D

Thats not my type of game but... i like it!
the way to found gold its a new digging for me and thats amazing! hahahahah
Good job!

Thats a nice try!

You have some bugs, some balls dont come when you click and its bad.
The game is simple but you follow the theme ;)

Continue trying and doing a good job!!!

Wow! its a hyper social game!!! i need play it on my cellphone right now hahaha
Its a mazing! the light ideia is.... i dont know, incredible!

Good job!!!

haha thankyou!!! I will create some updates soon ;)

I need put some tutorial about the controllers hahaha

hahaah yeahh i need put some fance there of kill fast the player if you go away hahahhahha
Im thinking about updates, thank you so much for your comment!!!

Thank youu! I will create some updates soon trying to explore more about the gameplay, thanks for your comment ;)

Thanksss!!! i will try to put more challenges there ;)

ohhh god! that's amazing!!! i love it, colors, sound, THE DOGGGG barkng...
Good job!

Hello!! thanksss :D

But dont worry!!! you are following the Theme and this is amazing!

I start this first level thinking... "ok whats the plan here" and some minutes latter "KILL THEN ALL", its a good game to free shoot, i like it!

Think about a good ux/ui menu and HUD and mobile export, i will love play it on my cellphone ;)

I saw it!!! Amazing video!!! 

Thanks for this  feedback and its more better looking on video and looking how you play, give me a lot of ideias hahahaha
Updates soon! 

Thanks for your feedback!
Yeah i need put the controls tutorials there will be more simple to play... you can use your joystick, left to move and right to up and down ;)
I have some bugs to do now, well, updates soon ;)

Thanks for your feedback!
And dont apears the game over screen? =( its a big bug haha

Updates soon and thanks again!!!

Thanks for your feedback! its really important to me and i'm glad your like it :D

Oh, thanks for your feedback :D
I'm glad your like it!!! Update soon and i will try to do more interesting the monster apears

Thanks!!! i glad you like it :D  some updates soon!!!

Thank you so muchhhh <3

Wow! I like it! Nice game!

I was a little bit confuse with the controls car but some minuts after this... was good!
Remenber me a little bit the game with cars and balls hahaha

I think, you have a good project here! continue this!

This is a pretty game! i'm happy to play it, have some bugs but its a nice work!!! I need play it again some time, continue this amazing work!

Oh god!!! thats good right? hahahahah
I need do some updates to found bugs, soon more updates!!! 


Thanksss! i'm really happy! Updates soon ;)

hahahahhah well thats good! haha

I dont know if its good or not hahahahahah
But apreciate your comment and i will updates soon ;)

Thanksss, updates soon :D

Oh my heart!!! I'm glad you like it! and yes its work on joystick too!!! hahahah
Maybe i will update this project soon... Follow me for more ;)

Thanksss! updates soon :D

The design is pretty good! I like the gameplay bus is a little bit cofunse for me, we can loose so fast hahaa

I think the problem for everyone is the gameplay because its online right? haha
I love the styles, sound, thats amazing!

Bug: i can drop my items under ground hahah

Well, i love the style of this game, maybe the camera can be worked more another time and the combat system.

Continue this after this jam :D

I spend some time here on this game hahahha its really good!
You can make the movement more smoth... I like the coin coming to player this is amazing!!!
But whats there is not gold? 

I think if the player movement was like Tibia will be really good!

i like yout game and i need see again after this jam!!!