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Ayyyyyyy, you're alive! I'm honestly impressed you finished the update and came back, most devs usually abandon a project after not updating it for half a year or so. Hope things are going well in life for you, and I'm excited to give this a shot!

I've got to say, out of most gain jam games I've played, this one seems to be one of the most polished. I think you nailed the atmosphere and style with the sounds and music, the sprite work is simply incredible too, and the base mechanics are quite fun, once I figured out how it's supposed to work. I also love the numerous belly levels for each of the characters, and how detailed each one is, they're incredibly high quality! And the gameplay is quite smooth too, no real lag or issues that hampers the gameplay, so nice job on that too. Also, the detail of how the characters tell you how close you are to getting the right combo is a nice touch.

As far as critique goes, there isn't really any glaring issues, though I could see the tutorials being a bit vague for new players in regards of how the colored ball/icon system works, and how the time seems to go by a bit too quick to enjoy watching these furs become huge before returning to gameplay. Aside from that, if development does continue, it could be worthwhile to add any target to try to reach in these levels (ex: a score to hit to beat the level and a button to end the level, a currency to earn as you go on to unlock extra content like a gallery, etc) as in some levels, it's easy to hit an infinite loop of gameplay if the combo can be figured out before the frenzy timer runs out. There also doesn't seem to be much in terms of progression (like a story or completing a challenge to unlock another), so that could add more replay value if that's what yall wanted to do.

Either way, this is a fantastic game, and you should be proud of how amazing it is! And I'm excited to see what you have in store for the future, whether you decide to continue this game or move on to something else 

This is quite fantastic, I really like how intuitive and fun the gameplay is, and how simple the controls are. The sprites are quite neat as well, and fattening up that dragon is simply incredible, so good job! Can't wait to see what comes next

Just checked out what you've updated and modified, and I think it looks incredibly promising!

The new card system seems quite interesting, especially with how they seem to be tied to the attributes given to each character. I enjoy how unique many of them are, such as the ones that manipulate card cool downs, or the ones that have you sacrifice a turn to get a nice buff the next round for example. I'm excited to see what other cards you come up with in the future 

The fullness system is pretty neat too, especially with how it forces players to manage it in order to not lose turns. My only nitpick with it is that in its current form, it doesn't seem to do much other than to be a minor inconvenience to both the player and the AI, and doesn't really change up the gameplay all that much (I know this is a beta and it's a work in progress, I just want to give a heads up in case you're looking for feedback on this game mechanic. You've done awesome so far :3)

The way you have the info tab implemented right into the game is fantastic, I think it'll really be helpful for people who are learning how to play each character. Plus, it's incredibly convenient, especially with how it mentions which foods are ideal for your chosen character, so I think you did great with that too

The only other main nitpick I have (probably because this is still a beta) is the lack of an option to mute the music or the "nom nom nom" sound effect. Not a big deal or the likes, but I do think it could serve as a nice 'quality of life' feature

Over all, I really like what I'm seeing so far, and I think it's only going to get better as you add more to the game. The upcoming features you mentioned in the description sound really awesome too, and I think those will add lots of replayability 
So... nice work!

I will say, compared to the last version of the deluxe, I think the added cards really adds a much-needed layer of complexity and excitement to the game. I'm excited to see what you do with this mechanic
This game looks like it will be awesome, and I can't wait for the next update ^^

I love how the deluxe edition plays, it's incredibly chill and is good fun for just watching the characters chow down and gain weight ^^
I'm incredibly interested in seeing how the cards will affect gameplay, and just how many (and how interesting) they'll end up being
I do hope the original game modes do remain to some capacity, as mastering those were quite fun and added a fun dynamic to unlocking characters. Still, I think it's all quite good fun, and I'm eager to see what changes/upgrades are coming up in the future, especially if there's any new characters to be added 

This is a fantastic game, I enjoyed how the puzzles caused us players to take the mechanic of inflating everything and to apply it to different sandbox pieces, altering how we approached each of your puzzles. Each were satisfying to solve as well, and it was really fun seeing each of the level sets with how unique and stylish they all are
Plus, the dudes you inflate/deflate in this game are all quite charming, and despite not saying anything, they have plenty of personality, which is quite awesome. And when they're inflated, I can't help but smile at the way you make them seem bloated, it's a fun detail :3
The gameplay is quite swell too, I haven't run into any major glitches/bugs which impresses me both for the quality, in addition to this being a physics game with transforming elements. The fact this is a game jam entry that only had a few weeks of work only amazes me even more, so nice job!
The sound design is both great and alright. The music is pretty decent (mad props for writing a song for this game btw, that's some serious dedication), though as the levels go on, it does start to get a little bit grating, mainly due to how similar the entire piece seems to itself at any given point. Of course, listening in, I do hear some subtle differences in how it plays, but when focusing on the game, these details are sometimes lost. Dunno if it's a me thing, and I absolutely would love to hear you compose more songs if you keep making games. ^^
The sound effects are nice too, the jump sound is quick and clean, and those gurgles are absolutely divine

Overall, I think you did fantastic, and I'd love to see you make more games in the future! 

This game honestly blows me away with how solid it plays, and how creative and enjoyable it is! Keep it up, you're making something amazing ^^

Not a bad prototype, I do like how unique all of the towers are and the cute little animations each of them seem to have. I hope to see more of it, especially if the whole weight gain thing is incorporated into it

Just tried out the new update, it definitely feels a lot more polished than before. The AI, while a fun challenge, seems much more reasonable to play against now, and the character unlock battles feel like they trigger more consistently than before. I'm genuinely curious to see what the new XP system entails and how each acquired skill point will be implemented in future updates. Awesome job Ziul!

Also, loving the characters you've been implementing, and it's nice seeing another lady join the game. Can't wait to see which other peeps enter the fray ^^

Loving this release of the game so far, it really is starting to feel like a full-on game! And the idea of progression is quite exciting!

I did find a bug as well in the challenger event, when the player gets full and must tap their character to empty their capacity to eat again. If the auto-drain is what finishes the process of emptying one's capacity, the game locks the player's controls and doesn't allow for any matches to be made.

Anyhow, keep up the good work! I'm excited to see where you take this game next!

Maybe a vault, locked chest, etc with its accompanying key hidden somewhere around the map? It could motivate players to explore more of the map, to find both and to get some neat reward from it (like a ton of money, for example)

Also, can't wait to see what other projects you're working on too!

This game is honestly really fun, and it's quite fun seeing all the characters expand into some amazing sizes! Can't wait to see what comes next

Loving this idea so far, there's a ton of potential here
Fattening up the furry dude is super fun too, even if that technically makes me lose XD
But yeah, if you decide to work on this more, I'd be excited to see what you have in store