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Excellent. Fun to play.

I cannot throw the boxes very far.

Is there a way to re-center the screen?

It would be nice if you could throw a spear.

Ah, got it.

The game looks amazing and the concept is very novel but why "Windward"?

Fun to mess around with. One big improvement would be in the basic controls. I would add cursor key movement and space bar to dig. Also full mouse control: left click to indicate player movement direction. Right click to dig.

Fun game. Excellent controls and challenging levels. Great job

Haven't played it yet - just watching the videos and it looks real good. I think that the road could benefit from some texture to help with the general driving feel.

Controller, yes!

IF you are going to develop software you will need to be less sensitive to feedback.  Otherwise you will not be very happy. I didn't see anything trollish in the initial response.