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Created a new topic Gameplay footage

Grabbed this game around two weeks ago! Just now managing to finish editing and uploading it to Youtube. Pretty cool!

We did it folks…. she's a beaut! Video contains some chat about glitches and issues along the way. Thanks for all the support and tips along the way!

#raft #pcgaming #raftthevideogame #videogames #Raftindie #indiegame #trumptower #buildingtrumptower

The Tower grows into the night sky like a gorgeous mullet off the top of an eighties action star.

#trump #raft #thegameraft #videogames #raftthevideogame #tower #Raftindie #indiegame

Posted in Raft Gameplay!

It is awesome! Already have an episode 3 and 4 following the one above. I start to highlight some more of the game bugs as I go. Not many thankfully.

Created a new topic Trump Tower in Raft continues

Construction continues! We're getting more into the nitty gritty. This episode connects to some big changes coming up. I've found what look to be some glitches that I highlight in a following video (i.e. the episodes after this one). Items are not spawning correctly. The higher you go the stranger things get.

Created a new topic Raft Gameplay!

Continuing my goals of building Trump Tower in Raft. So far only few glitches have popped up. Like disappearing cans after drinking water. Nothing game breaking, easy to rebuild. Would be nice if dialog help popup things (i.e. telling you to press "E") had a distance limit which was a bit shorter.

Love Raft and hope you do too!

#raft #youtube #trumptower #trump #tower #raftgameplay #raftthevideogame #treefarm

Created a new topic Raft goals

Unsure how tall one can go... but I'm going to try and go big!

How high can someone build in Raft? Tips or Tricks are appreciated!

Created a new topic Gameplay footage

Not an exhaustive review or playthrough. I simply jumped in, cold, and recorded my experience. Essentially this is what you will come across (most likely) when you boot the game up! Version is 1.04, so there has been changes since I made this.

An unofficial trailer. Was fun to toss together.

Gameplay from a video I uploaded a little over a week ago. Certainly would like to see them return to this title!


Gameplay video!

Not bad for a pre-alpha. Look forward to seeing more content added!