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Great game; I enjoyed every minute. I look forward to the full release.

Getting stuck in ice is incredibly frustrating and the only major flaw this game has.

Real great game, only two flaws that stuck out to me were the frustratingly slow reload speed and that the gray helmet enemies blend in too much with the floor.

The first scare really got me but the rest was meh. Made my laptop sound like a jet on medium settings.

git gud

it's possible to get stuck in the floor and spamming shift lets you float 

great music though

fun game, music was good

music is great, never got bored of this game

I really like the movement and the Joseph Joestar scarf

slippery/floaty controls

helicopter level

very interesting concept, looking forward to the full game

great game

movement is bad

fantastic game, only complaint is that the later half has huge lag spikes in browser

movement is too slow in my opinion

fun game, would like to see more

contains death loops thanks to bad spawns

camera is zoomed far too close

fix the gbj bug

great game, I'd love to see more

movement is way too slippery

way too slow

fantastic game, only gripe is that flight is a bit janky

bounce pads are unreliable

Great game, would love to see more.

I mean the game window doesn't fit on my screen.

the lack of an undo button cripples this game

great game, I'd love to see more

very endearing

this game would be great if I could see the whole screen

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fun game

I can't help but laugh at the game over music. It's so comical seeing a game like this have Despacito as the theme that plays when you die.


I'm very impressed with how you managed to pull off 3d environments in Pico8 and make it work so well.

Fantastic style and fun to play.

The game gets slower every time you beat a demon, but this game is so good it's easy to overlook. The music is phenomenal and there's even a JoJo reference. Fantastic game.

This game has a lot of potential. I'd like to see more weapons and abilities, as well as an actual goal to work towards.

Beat it with every room and no checkpoints, fun game.

actually scared me lol