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Awfully easy for a "rage game". After finishing it with little difficulty I have to say it was your ego talking when you gave it that title.

Great game. The only issue is that it takes way too long to respawn.

Really fun game. I'd love to see a full version with all 100 levels.

Really cool game, I've never seen anything like this before. I like how there isn't one strict solution to every level in terms of wire shapes.

Great game, I had a lot of fun with this one.

This game is really something. Everything about it is top notch and shows just how much the devs care about it. The music, characters, and especially the art are all so memorable, and I am very much looking forward to playing the full release. However, there are two flaws I noticed. The first is that the game slows down drastically over time, though this can be temporarily fixed by switching between windowed and fullscreen modes. The second issue of much greater importance is that if the player clicks on Mao before the map tutorial appears, it will initiate both cutscenes at once and lock the player out of the map feature permanently, making further progression impossible without reloading an earlier save. Thankfully, the map is introduced not long after the first demo ends, so it doesn't take too long to get back if you save over your file without realizing what happened. Those quirks aside, the game is great. Keep up the good work.

This game is decent at best. The jumpscares are weak and the atmosphere isn't enough to build them up quite right. Also, the cutscenes take way too long for a game this short. This might have just been me, but the game crashed after the woods part. I hope this criticism helps, because I see potential in this game. Despite my gripes, I did include it in this video of mine; it's the last game, at about 6:40.

This is a pretty good game. The atmosphere is very well done, especially the noises the monster makes. I played it for this video of mine; it's the second game, at about 3:50.

Pretty good game, it spooked me a decent amount. I especially liked the ambiance. I played it for this video of mine; it's the first game shown.

git gud

Really cool game, I had a lot of fun with it.

Great game, would love to see more.

It happened in level 3, but it's possible it could happen in other levels.

It's possible to get stuck inside platforms and the ceiling.

Great game; I enjoyed every minute. I look forward to the full release.

Getting stuck in ice is incredibly frustrating and the only major flaw this game has.

Real great game, only two flaws that stuck out to me were the frustratingly slow reload speed and that the gray helmet enemies blend in too much with the floor.

The first scare really got me but the rest was meh. Made my laptop sound like a jet on medium settings.

git gud

it's possible to get stuck in the floor and spamming shift lets you float 

great music though

fun game, music was good

music is great, never got bored of this game

I really like the movement and the Joseph Joestar scarf

slippery/floaty controls

helicopter level

very interesting concept, looking forward to the full game

great game

movement is bad

fantastic game, only complaint is that the later half has huge lag spikes in browser

movement is too slow in my opinion

fun game, would like to see more

contains death loops thanks to bad spawns

camera is zoomed far too close

fix the gbj bug

great game, I'd love to see more

movement is way too slippery

way too slow

fantastic game, only gripe is that flight is a bit janky

bounce pads are unreliable

Great game, would love to see more.