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Great game. I'll be looking forward to the full release.

Great book. I like that you included stats and abilities for all of the creatures. It was fun to think about how they would work in an RPG, like what their skills would do and such.

Great game. Only gripes I have are that the encounter rate is stupid high and the stats of some equipment pieces don't match their flavor text. The ladder shades for example don't actually increase defense, at least not on the stats screen.

This is easily the most impressive VN I've ever played. The amount of care put into every facet of the game is staggering. I hope you all take your time with this one.

I do have a question about the relationship standings though. Will it be possible to go from friends -> best friends -> crushes/BFFs -> partners -> fiances only through dialogue options without manually changing relationship standing between Steps? I ask this because I'm a huge sucker for the "best friends suddenly realize they're in love" trope and it would be far more satisfying to watch it play out naturally than to have it take place during a time skip.

Psychological horror done right. You're batting a thousand right now with this game and your last one. I'm excited to see what's next.

Just finished rereading this. It's wild to think that the story isn't even halfway done. I hope you come back to finish it someday.

It's an alright game. It has a great aesthetic and the ending sequence is cool, but the gameplay loop is pretty boring and the ending itself is sudden and unsatisfying. It creates more questions than answers.


Unless there's an Easter egg back here that I didn't find, the player should not be able to go under this fence.

Cool game, the full thing is gonna be raw. One thing that struck me as odd was that the protagonist breathes even though he's a skeleton. Kinda wack.

Best video game soundtrack since SMT IV.

Dope story so far, very engaging. I didn't expect an actually playable boss fight. I'm looking forward to seeing what else is in store.

This game rocks. Took like 3 hours but I got all the stars.

I had the same problem. I used 7zip to extract it instead and the game worked fine.

Got softlocked by opening a door on myself.

Good quiz. Spooked me more than I expected.

I really like how this story is written. The main character is very realistic, and I say that because I was just like him when I was his age. The other characters are also done very well, and the reader can easily understand their thoughts and motivations without having them directly spelled out. The music is great too.

I have no idea how to get past the two rooms for the sixth artifact. I tried making them symmetrical but that didn't do anything. What am I missing?

Dope aesthetic. I look forward to your next game.

Fye game with a great soundtrack, especially the wizard's monkey chamber (huge Fog Lake vibes). Definitely copping this when it comes out.

He's just standing there... MENACINGLY!

Great game, definitely not what I expected. The ending made me laugh.

Cute game. I really like the ambiance and art.

Finally beat this game. It was a great time, and it's crazy how much there is to it. I spent multiple days on this game and saw something new every time, like a random dead pixel on the screen that wasn't there in any other run. Little things like that impress me the most; they show that the developer cares.

I've been wondering, is Pet Scope a reference to Petscop? Also, is Kart Knight a reference to these?

Smart move having the demo end right when it gets good. Congrats on finding a publisher, I'll be looking forward to the full game.

Cool game. The mystery was very engaging with a satisfying conclusion. The art is especially impressive and having it move is a nice touch. I'd like to see a spin-off about Kira and Ame since this game doesn't focus on their relationship very much; things like their past and future together are teased but not really explored, which is a bummer because their interactions are one of the best parts of this game.

Good game. Haruki is the goat.

That ending is a real smack in the face, but I guess that's a testament to how captivating this game is. I hope it gets finished someday.

Everything about this game's page makes it seem like just another yuri VN with serious themes thrown in as an afterthought. I only decided to play this game out of boredom, so of course I was completely blindsided when it turned out to really be something special. The writing is so well done that despite not having experienced loss like this I still felt deeply connected to the characters. The conversations between the two women are filled with very real and personal emotions in such a natural way that it never seems like the developer is speaking through them. The art and music perfectly complement the story and never seem out of place or inappropriate. I'm glad I gave this game a chance, because you've all done some excellent work on it.

Suddenly I understand why we crawled through a vent at the end.

Cool game. I really like how the walking sound changes when she sprains her ankle.

It's aight.

Interesting, but that's not the point. X and C would work just as well if their commands were swapped.

The controls are incredibly disorienting. I think Z for jump and X for dash would work a lot better since that's the norm for most games like this.

It bothers me that this game has voice acting but no way to disable it. The main character sounds too aloof for the situation he's in.

Sick Foxen reference.

This is the one of a kind Chumbo Zone experience, an experience so unique and groundbreaking it has redefined gaming itself and become the first true Chumbo-type game. The game features levels and gameplay, and even an ending. For the low price of free.99, you too can play the number one sleeper hit of the year and experience Chumbility all in the comfort of your own cardboard box.

Coin counter doesn't work and purchased hats don't appear in the dressing room. Great game though, really like the art.

Decent game but a bit confusing. I give this game an average rating out of respect for Michael. It is his birthday today after all.